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The life of a watch journalist must be a tough one. The opportunity to live your passion every day, working alongside your favorite companies,

Why do car guys like watches? According to Tim Scott, well-known car photographer, it's because "there's a design thing about them that's very sexy and

Matt Hranek is a man of serious style. His current gig as men's style editor at Condé Nast Traveler takes him all over the

Before we get to Ed and his watches, we first have to talk about the Cannonball Run. The original, illegal Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash—or

The watch community at large is a truly massive network. Around the world, collectors and enthusiasts gather to online forums, social media, and comment

Since 2011, co-founders Blake Malin and Zach Weiss have managed to turn their love of watches into a business. Worn & Wound (for those who

To say George Bamford is a polarizing figure among watch lovers may be an understatement. But purist or not, you have to recognize that

Eric Wind has worn many hats over the years: biofuel industry vet turned Hodinkee contributor, now the VP, Senior Specialist at Christie's. What stayed consistent

Product designer turned watchmaker Bradley Price has turned his passion for cars into a thriving business. His company Autodromo blends the spirit of motoring