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Transcription NATHAN: Hey guys it's Nathan with Crown & Caliber, and today we're trying something a little different. We're here with my colleague and good

\Video Transcript Here at Crown & Caliber we often feature watches that can cost $4,000 and $5,000, and sometimes even more, and let's be honest

Which Came First – The Watch or the Celebrity Following? It’s kind of like the age-old debate, which came first, the chicken or the

Video Transcription Mechanical watches have been around for centuries, and over the several hundred years of watchmaking technological advancements have made more accurate, more reliable,

The Quintessential Dive Watch When you consider the quintessential dive watch, a number of different models probably come to mind. You may think of the

Video Transcription Most watches follow a pretty standard design. It's a circular case, with lugs connecting to a bracelet, and a crown at three o'clock.

In the early days of watchmaking, there were many factors that could influence the accuracy of a watch. One of them was not, however,

Evolution of Rolex’s Proprietary Materials Experimentation with new materials has always been a part of the watch industry. In the past, it was necessary to