The Quintessential Dive Watch When you consider the quintessential dive watch, a number of different models probably come to mind. You may think of the

Video Transcription Most watches follow a pretty standard design. It's a circular case, with lugs connecting to a bracelet, and a crown at three o'clock.

In the early days of watchmaking, there were many factors that could influence the accuracy of a watch. One of them was not, however,

Evolution of Rolex’s Proprietary Materials Experimentation with new materials has always been a part of the watch industry. In the past, it was necessary to

The Enduring Legacy of Military Watches Watches have been an important tool for military forces for centuries. These specially designed and issued models eventually made

You may know Adam Driver from his breakout role in HBO’s Girls. Perhaps you’re more familiar with him as Kylo Ren in the Star

For some, the holiday season starts in October on Halloween. For others, it’s not until the Thanksgiving holiday in November. Still, certain people don’t

When it comes to style, few do it better than the Italians. Whether we’re talking about clothing, wine, or in this case watches, Italy

Video Transcription The holidays are quickly approaching and giving the right gift can sometimes be tricky. Whether you're giving a gift to a loved one