OMEGA Watches Styled By Watch-Loving Women

OMEGA Watches, Styled By Watch-Loving Women

Life’s too short to wear boring watches.

Originally published on HODINKEE, Janaury 20th 2020


We’ll be the first to admit it: Watch collecting can be a bit of a boy’s club. The absence of feminine perspectives in watch media and the industry as a whole is a source of criticism worth talking about. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our own Cara Barrett recently hosted an episode of Talking Watches featuring Bethenny Frankel, the first woman to be a guest of the show. Frankel is a self-made millionaire and philanthropist who collects everything from F.P. Journe to Patek Philippe, and listening to her discuss her collection reminded us of the different opinions we all have about collecting, and what we each appreciate about the watches on our wrist. Watches affect us all individually, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to enthusiasm for the craft.

Constellation Quartz 28mm Two-Tone With Diamonds

That’s why, when we started to round up this list of OMEGA ladies’ watches for today’s Shop update, we thought it only made sense for the women in our office to take the lead and discuss what they like – and dislike – about each model. We asked six women from HODINKEE and the HODINKEE Shop to select the OMEGA that best suited their collecting philosophy, and to tell you a little bit about themselves and why the watch resonated with them. And not only did each of them write about their favorite watch, they also styled the images with their personal items and clothing.

We thought you might enjoy this fresh take on our usual Shop update, written by a group of inspiring and enterprising women who know a thing or two about watches. And whether or not the women in your life share your passion for watch collecting, we hope you will share this article with your significant other, your parents, or children, so they too can be inspired by our collective appreciation for watch collecting. You never know who might enjoy it.

Ashley Kinder, Senior Manager of E-Commerce Operations

De Ville Prestige Quartz 27mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

If you meet me, you’ll notice that my style isn’t easily categorized. I tend to mix things that don’t necessarily “go” together, especially with my clothing and jewelry. I have a reversible pink and beige coat; I own at least a dozen pairs of tights, most of which are not solid or neutral colors; and my favorite outfits involve a good jumpsuit or unexpected romper (if it looks like a dress but has secret shorts underneath, sign me up). And in a way, I like my accessories to contradict my outfit a bit. I think that’s what drew me to this watch – at first glance, it’s not what you might expect I’d wear based on the rest of my collection.

De Ville Prestige Quartz 27mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

The delicate 27.4mm diameter is smaller than most of my other timepieces, and there are diamonds on the dial (I’m not usually big on the glitz). But I was hooked immediately – the grey dial has a textured finish that gives it an almost smoky appearance, and it features alternating Roman numerals and diamond indices all in contrasting heat-blued steel. The perfectly circular case is accented by a slightly thicker bezel and comfortable seven-link bracelet, all of which make the watch feel more substantial on the wrist without overpowering the dial. Everything comes together to perfectly juxtapose the classic and traditional with something a little more modern and unexpected – which is right up my alley.

De Ville Prestige Quartz 27mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

Kaitlin Koch, Marketing Associate

OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Co-Axial Master Chronometer 34mm Two-Tone With Diamonds

I’m a typical wife and mom in a lot of ways, but like any woman (ever) I’ve lived my own life, and I have my own interests and style. The only pants in my wardrobe are a pair of hand-me-down maternity jeans, but I have a larger watch collection than any of the men in my family. A self-diagnosed maximalist, this Seamaster Aqua Terra speaks to my more-is-more aesthetic, while also housing a movement that performs at the industry’s highest standard.

Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 34mm Two-Tone With Diamonds

Recently I’ve been looking for a dressier timepiece, and I’ve fantasized about a mother-of-pearl dial for years. I love the unique depth that the texture brings to the overall appearance, and how it stands out against the rich Sedna gold. I’ve never been much of a diamond enthusiast, however, I enjoy the idea of a quality sports watch ushering them into my world. On this variation of the Seamaster Aqua Terra, the ethically sourced stones are set seamlessly, used in both the bezel and as hour markers. The date window at six o’clock is a welcome feature for me, saving my eyes from at least a few moments of screen time each day. The watch is also amagnetic, which takes one item off of my list of worries when traveling with a toddler – and we’re on the go a lot. At first glance, this Seamaster Aqua Terra might seem like the typical “ladies watch,” but I can attest, it has much more to offer, and it’s the watch I’d recommend for the collector that wants it all.

Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 34mm Two-Tone With Diamonds

Cara Barrett, Editor and Manager Of Social Media/Special Projects

OMEGA Constellation Quartz 28mm Two-Tone With Diamonds

I have been in this industry for a little under a decade, and I have been wearing a watch for almost two. I have always known exactly what I like and I don’t apologize for it, especially when it comes to my watches. There usually isn’t a rhyme or reason when it comes to my preferences, but that’s just who I am. I could go on about how I chose this watch because it is part of the Constellation family and all of its significance, but I’ll be honest, I chose this watch for its looks. The ladies’ Constellation is small but mighty. Some might argue the two-tone case, the Roman numerals on the bezel, and the diamond indices are too much. Others might say that at 28mm, it’s too small. But I say that this 1990s nostalgia watch is just right. It’s different from any other watch I own, which is exactly why I like it. I have always had a soft spot for the Constellation, and I think that it is a modern classic fit for any woman. In fact, I would argue that this watch is perfect for any occasion, from a meeting at the office to hitting tennis balls on the weekend, and it will fit right into any lifestyle. And who needs a tennis bracelet when you’ve got diamonds on the dial?

Constellation Quartz 28mm Two-Tone With Diamonds

Aileen McBride, Director of E-Commerce

OMEGA De Ville Trésor Quartz 39mm With Diamonds

When I was in fifth grade, I asked my mother – nay, implored – if I could paint my bedroom black. Horrified at the idea she was raising a neo-goth, she asked why I would ever do such a thing. “So that I can put glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling,” I said, matter-of-factly. She was relieved, though I unfortunately never got my midnight sky-themed room. It’s fitting that – as a New Yorker – my love for the color has persisted all these years and I consider it a staple in my wardrobe and decor.

De Ville Trésor Quartz 39mm With Diamonds

It’s not just the color that inspires me but also how it contrasts with other shades, textures, and materials (hello – stars in the sky). It’s no surprise that I was immediately drawn to this OMEGA De Ville Trésor, which features a striking black dial set against a steel case with a halo of diamonds. I’ve generally leaned toward sportier and chunkier watches, but there’s something about how subtly feminine yet visually powerful this De Ville is that makes me want to pick it over every other watch in my collection.

Chelsea Beeler, Operations Specialist

OMEGA Constellation Quartz 28mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

I would describe my personal style as eclectic and casual. Leopard print sunglasses? Check. Cerulean brocade boots? Check. Jeans and a t-shirt? Check and check. In short, I like to style myself cooly without overdoing it. Now apply that same criteria to my taste in watches, and it makes perfect sense that I would be so enamored by this diamond-laced, pearlescent-dialed OMEGA Constellation in steel. I love the duplicity this watch brings to the table – delicate diamonds, mother of pearl, and white gold details beautifully offset by a striking yet simple geometric steel bracelet.

Constellation Quartz 28mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

Historically when I think of gem-set watches, I picture timepieces best saved for special occasions (or adorning the iced-out wrists of my favorite basketball players). While I have no doubt this stunner of an OMEGA would look totally chic paired with any sort of evening wear ensemble, what I love most about the punch this petite watch packs is its effortless ability to elevate something as simple as a chunky knit sweater.

Constellation Quartz 28mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

Saori Omura, Senior Shop Manager

OMEGA De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 32mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

My selection is this De Ville Prestige Co-Axial in a 32.7mm stainless steel case. For a modern woman’s choice of a watch, I believe the key to look for is elevated versatility. Let’s face it – most of us are running from one place to another constantly. We naturally gravitate toward watches we know will work anytime and anywhere, but we’re also secretly wishing for occasional compliments. This is why I find the De Ville Prestige to be a perfect choice. It has an undeniable classic heirloom aesthetic with a gorgeous navy blue dial that allows for a wide range of complementary outfits. Diamonds can be tricky, but this one is tastefully adorned for a hint of understated luxury. Perhaps a watch snob thing to say, but the biggest reason I chose this watch is because it is fitted with a Co-Axial self-winding movement, which is often omitted in a ladies’ watch. It’s a proper grown-up piece, and it brings me closer to being the graceful woman I aspire to be one day.

De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 32mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

More OMEGA Watches In The HODINKEE Shop

While today’s Shop update focuses on what is traditionally thought of as a ladies’ watch, we truly believe that watches, by and large, are gender-neutral and can be enjoyed by everyone equally. If you ever visit the HODINKEE office, you’ll find just as many conventionally masculine watches, like the Speedmaster Professional or Seamaster 300M, on the wrists of women as you do on men – just check out the Watches We Wore The Most In 2019 to see for yourself. On that note, head over to the HODINKEE Shop to explore our full range of OMEGA watches – all of which would be a great addition to any collection.

De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 32mm Stainless Steel With Diamonds

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