For the third and final installment of our guide to watch maintenance, we check in once more with our

While Martin Luther King Jr.'s time on earth was cut short, his work and message continue to resonate today.

In this second installment of our guide to watch maintenance, we take a look at what exactly a complete

Replacing a watch bracelet can completely change the look of your watch. If you want to go more casual,

Like a high-performance sports car, your mechanical watch needs to be serviced now and then. In timepiece argot such

These watches are not created for everyone. If you happen to stumble across a Sarpaneva watch, that's the clear message

Ah, left-handers. Your burden is heavy, living in a world made for righties. Scissors, notebooks, doors, etc

Marion Mitchell Morrison, better known as John Wayne, is famous for his longstanding film career. On-screen, he was the

The timepieces worn by the cinematic James Bond–from the Gruen 510 he sported in Dr. No to the Omega Seamaster

Ever wonder what goes into servicing a luxury watch? A lot, actually. A full service involves literally taking the watch apart

The outreach was clandestine, the e-mails to the point. When he said we could meet at his office, my

The RedBar Crew is a New York City based group two-parts watch enthusiasts and one-part libation imbibers that meet

Cigars and watches have been sold side-by-side since the 1930s. In this three-part series, we explore the connection and