[VIDEO] Watch Stories: Blake Malin and Zach Weiss of Worn & Wound

Since 2011, co-founders Blake Malin and Zach Weiss have managed to turn their love of watches into a business. Worn & Wound (for those who aren’t familiar) is a two-fold endeavor. It started out as a watch blog and has since grown into selling original leather straps, travel cases, and more. It sets itself apart in the watch community by focusing on value-driven pieces and upholding accessibility over pure luxury.

So how did the two get started? Looking online, it’s hard to find in-depth reviews of watches under $1,000. Sure, you’ll find plenty of resources talking about luxury watches, but they tend to dismiss lower price point timepieces. That’s where Worn & Wound stepped in, to give voice to the brands that don’t get as much coverage as the big luxury names. Not that they don’t cover the brands we all know and love, but they end up somewhat secondary to the focus on high quality for a good value.

And the guys behind the blog? Blake and Zach clearly care about construction and design—their attitude toward watches is thoughtful. And their products all have a personal touch.

“It’s about having objects that last and that you have an attachment to. […] I don’t think everyone needs 10 or 20 watches, but a really good mechanical watch that you love…I think everyone should have one of those.”

That’s an approach we can get behind, so we stopped by Worn & Wound headquarters in NYC to get a look at the operation, and obviously, talk watches.


Zach’s Watches

Worn & Wound Interview: Zach Weiss's Hamilton Chronomatic

This vintage Hamilton chronograph is an interesting one. It’s got a Caliber 11 movement inside, which makes it pretty rare, and the thick case and panda dial make it a funky little timepiece.


Worn & Wound Interview: Zach Weiss's Sinn 156

This out-of-production Sinn 156 is a little different from the rest of Zach’s collection. Based on the design of the Heuer Bund, it’s oversized, built tough, and just looks plain cool.


Blake’s Watches

Worn & Wound Interview: Blake Malin's Tudor Pelagos

As the most expensive watch in his collection, Blake considers the Tudor Pelagos his ‘achievement watch.’ He loves the contemporary take on a vintage design—blocky markers, snowflake hands—and its toughness means he doesn’t have to be precious about it.


Worn & Wound Interview: Blake Malin's NOMOS Orion

You have to admire NOMOS for the quality of its watches and the reasonability of its prices. What Blake loves about the NOMOS Orion is its universal appeal—it’s the watch that wins others over to watches. And, its elegant design is a bit of a departure from the more rugged watches in his collection.


Interested in the full story on Blake, Zach, and Worn & Wound? Watch our video on Youtube, or check it out above. Also, you can check out Worn & Wound here.

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