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The only thing badder than the 2019 NFL kickoff matchup is Illinois native Betty White. If you didn’t see the promo featuring the 97-year old entertainment icon, it’s worth checking out. Whether you’re a Packers fan, Bears fan, or pro-football fan, it’s hard not to be excited. Football season is officially back!


Football star Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to leading the Green Bay Packers to victory over their rivals, the Chicago Bears. Since he joined the franchise in 2005, the Packers have beaten the Bears sixteen times. This includes the 2019 kickoff game where Rodgers helped his team start the season strong with a defensive 10-3 win. It’s no wonder many consider Rodgers to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Early Years

Aaron Rodgers was born a football fan. At the young age of two, he’d sit intently watching NFL games with his family. By the time he was five, he’d started perfecting his skills. He could identify formations and successfully throw a football through a hanging tire.


Over the years, he honed his game. He rose to the ranks of star quarterback at his high school, setting a number of passing records. However, Rodgers was from a small town in California, which ultimately hindered his college prospects. He failed to land a scholarship at a Division I school and ended up at a nearby junior college. Still, the passionate player persisted, and by his sophomore year, it finally paid off.

Rodgers caught the attention of scouts from Berkeley and became a starter there his junior year. By the end of the season, he was a Heisman finalist. Feeling at the top of his game, Rodgers decided to forgo his senior year. He entered the draft in 2005 with hopes of being a top ten pick. He ended up being the twenty-fourth selection of the first round, going to the Green Bay Packers.

Professional Career

When Rodgers first joined the Packers, football legend Brett Favre was the starting quarterback. It wouldn’t be until three years later in 2008 that Rodgers would be able to step into the starting position. By 2011, he would lead the team to their first Super Bowl victory in nearly fifteen years. As a result, the Associated Press named him Athlete of the Year and league MVP.


The following season, Rodgers led the Packers to finish 15-1. This marked a record number of wins in a season for the franchise. It also tied them for the second most regular season wins in NFL history. Though they didn’t end up at the Super Bowl again that year, the NFL still named Rodgers MVP. Over the next several seasons, Rodgers would help his team to other division victories, receiving his second MVP award in 2014. Still, the Packers have yet to make another Super Bowl appearance since their win in 2011. Regardless, as the NFL’s all-time regular season career passer rating leader, Rodgers is a force to be reckoned with on the field.

So, What Watch Does Aaron Rodgers Wear?

Surprisingly, Rodgers doesn’t have a watch deal. He’s not an ambassador or the face of a campaign. One could easily see him gracing a full-page ad like Beckham or Brady. But instead, he’s a collector, just like many of you.

Like many football players, perhaps you could picture him in a Rolex Daytona or AP Royal Oak. But his watches may surprise you.

Rodgers choice in watches is interesting. While the models in his collection vary, it’s clear Rodgers has fine taste in watches. One of his favorite models is the classic Patek Philippe Calatrava. Other times, he opts for the technically impressive Rolex Deepsea. You can also find him wearing a Roger Dubuis Excaliber Chronograph or Piaget like in his Oscars pictures above. Though it looks like Rodgers prefers a classic dress watch to a sports model we will hopefully we see more of his collection on his wrist throughout the season.



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