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In all your reading and research about watches, you may have come across the term “jewels.” No, I’m not referring to diamond accents or

The chronograph is one of the most common and most popular watch complications. In the simplest terms, a chronograph is a stopwatch used to

Rolex has been a leader in the watch industry since the early days of the company. One of their first achievements came all the

Since its inception in 1969, the chronograph has quickly become one of the most popular complications. Its design is instantly recognizable. It features a

Video Transcription When people think of a luxury watch they often think Rolex and then they think, "There's no way I could ever own one!"

Origins of the Aquanaut The 1970s marked a moment of significant shifts in the watch industry. During the decade prior, the mechanical watch market had

Typically, the saying “you never want to meet your heroes” is a decent rule to live by. As a watch enthusiast, my “attainable” grail

Video Transcription Panerai is a brand that we know and love, but with over 100 unique models it can be a lot to take in.

For some, the holiday season starts in October on Halloween. For others, it’s not until the Thanksgiving holiday in November. Still, certain people don’t