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Historical Uses of the Minute Repeater Of all the watch complications, the minute repeater is one of the most unique, complex, and labor intensive. Both

What Lugs Can Add to a Timepiece Watches are incredibly detailed pieces of machinery. This is true not only from a technical perspective but also

The Unconventional Rolex Sky-Dweller The Sky-Dweller is one of the newer additions to the Rolex catalog. When it first launched in 2012, it instantly garnered

Of all the luxury watch brands, Jaeger-LeCoultre may seem like one of the more unattainable to the average buyer. Even in the pre-owned market,

No complication is quite as romantic, elegant, and poetic as the moonphase. It’s also one of the oldest watch complications, with origins dating back

Video Transcription There are few watches that get an instantaneous waitlist and the Rolex GMT Master II is no exception. Rolex is one of the

The rivalry between in-house and ETA movements is decades old. However, it seems to be more prevalent in recent years as growing numbers of

Video Transcription Water resistance is a fickle thing. People will often mistake water-resistant for waterproof, and these are not the same. A watch should never

With charm no modern Rolex sport model can truly imitate, the GMT-Master (ref. 1675) is an icon of legends past. A watch from the