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Watches for Mom Mom is the woman who does it all. She scores a promotion at work and scores a sideline seat at her son’s

Two Icons: The OMEGA Seamaster and Speedmaster The Seamaster and Speedmaster are undeniably two of the most memorable and significant watches in the OMEGA catalog.

We may never solve the great puzzle of perfectly pairing a watch with its wearer or create an exact science to define the best

The evolution of watch materials is not just driven by the wide range of aesthetically diverse and interesting watches currently on the market. It’s

The Zenith Military Connection The military has used watches since the 1800’s. However, their place as indispensable tools for combat began in WWI. It was

The dress watch is a subjective breed of timepiece. Other watch categories—like pilot, dive, racing, or military watches—are more easily defined. They’re set apart

The Early Days of Watches For centuries, watches were considered a luxury item. They were reserved for the aristocracy and other elite members of society

For many watch lovers, Rolex is king. From staples of the brand, like the standard Datejust, to the most highly coveted models, like the

Watch Comparison: OMEGA Seamaster vs. Rolex Submariner The Omega Seamaster and Rolex Submariner have been in competition for over half a century. In the 1950’s