The watch and automobile industries have a longstanding history together. Their partnerships first began out of necessity. Many watchmakers started working with automobile manufactures to supply dashboard clocks.

What do you get when you cross an automotive journalist, with a fairly new penchant for watches, and a horologist who makes his own timepieces and is a

DOXA: A Start-Up The phrase “start-up” typically evokes images of people in garages with desks crammed between cardboard boxes building the latest and greatest tech company. Some of the

It's not often you get to sit pretty on a catamaran and watch a yacht race up close and personal. But Crown & Caliber got the chance to

We’ve documented the hype surrounding the release of the Apple Watch—we’ve even done the comparisons. We’ve witnessed the rising competition for wrist space from smart devices like the

Buying a luxury watch online shouldn’t be a scary thing. Likewise, financing a luxury watch shouldn’t be a risky investment. Which is why Crown & Caliber now offers the