Versatility is a topic that we get so much of in our watch content these days and brands aren’t ignorant to it. In spite of that, the way

Deciding you want a good quality luxury watch can strand you in a confusing sea of pricey timepieces. As the price increases, the value becomes much harder to quantify.

After the introduction of trench watches during World War I, the wrist watch took its rightful place in military arsenals everywhere. Time was precious on the battlefield, and

As far as watch complications go, the chronograph is one of the simplest and most stylish. It's why you'll see a chronograph function on all different kinds of

Since the introduction of the Santos-Dumont wristwatch by Cartier in the early 1900s, watches designed for flight have taken a permanent spot on the wrists of aviators everywhere.

Let's be real for a second: wedding season is never really over. Sure, it peaks in the spring and summer, but the wedding day could really come at

When it comes to style, function, history, and downright ruggedness, there’s nothing like a good dive watch. For decades, dive watches have stood stronger than most and have

Short answer? Yes. When it comes to watch size and fit, not all watches are going to look good on you. It's important to get that out of the

Every guy needs at least one nice watch. Even those who eschew mechanical watches as outdated technology can appreciate having a watch for special occasions. And if they can't,

Ah, left-handers. Your burden is heavy, living in a world made for righties. Scissors, notebooks, doors, etc

Everyone should own at least one quality watch. But you might have a problem: you're on a very tight budget. That's understandable—not everyone can afford to just drop

Founded in 1847 by French jeweler Louis-Francois Cartier, the House of Cartier produces classic luxury watches for men and women. Beginning in the 19th century with high jewelry