How To Update Your Wardrobe With An OMEGA Dress Watch Originally published by Logan Baker on HODINKEE, September 15th 2020 What makes a modern dress watch, anyway?   The definition of a

Video Transcription Mechanical watches have been around for centuries, and over the several hundred years of watchmaking technological advancements have made more accurate, more reliable, and more robust timepieces.

Top Dive Watches Diving has been a sport and science since the early 20th century. Before the age of diving computers and advanced technical equipment, there was the dive watch.

Ralph Lifshitz to Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren is one of the most iconic fashion designers in the world and the embodiment of the American Dream. What started as a

Fashion Week Watches It’s barely fall, but the fashion community already has its sights on next year’s spring/summer wardrobe. The debut of next season’s collections kicked off at New

As we head closer and closer toward the end of 2017, award season is upon us. The big ceremonies are set to kick off with the 69th Emmys on

Dress Watch Buying Guide Like a nice suit, it’s easy to see why you’d want to opt for a reliable dress watch in your collection. “At least one” is

We know that taking the plunge on that first watch takes a lot of research and thought. There's always price to consider and, of course, style. However, the

Much like space travel, military heritage, and diving legends, watches will always be tied to the world of automotive sports. Today, we see brand logos plastered on the

The Best Father’s Day Watches Dads come in many shapes and sizes. Some are highly driven and career-focused, and others are more laidback. Some can’t resist the latest trends,

Versatility is a topic that we get so much of in our watch content these days and brands aren’t ignorant to it. In spite of that, the way

Choosing the right luxury watch on a budget can be a daunting task. You want to be sure you get a good value without sacrificing quality or style.