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More fun, less ego. That’s the philosophy Anish Bhatt takes on the watch industry. Whether he’s hunting for a specific model, educating himself on a particular movement, or discovering a watch he never knew existed, Anish wants to relish in the joy and thrill of the process.

Like many watch enthusiasts, Anish’s interest began at a young age. He remembers being about eight years old and fascinated by a Timex Indiglo. He begged his grandma to buy him one, and eventually, she did. His interest in watches then peaked again around age eighteen. He was working in fashion and would save whatever money he could to buy watches. That’s when his collection really began to form and when he came up with the idea to talk about watches in a blog format.

Watch Anish was born in 2012 with the mission of speaking to a group of people who have a passing interest in watches and getting them to share Anish’s level of enthusiasm.

“Watches are one of the few things [men] can use to express themselves.”

For Anish Bhatt, watches are a form of silent expression, particularly for men. Women have always had handbags and jewelry to express themselves – men have watches. And although a watch can express something without words, it’s also an amazing way to open up conversations with people who share a love and appreciation for watches. That’s exactly why we sat down with Anish to talk more about some of the timepieces in his collection.

Anish Bhatt  – The Watches

Rolex GMT Bakelite

The story of Anish’s Rolex Bakelite highlights his belief in enjoying the thrill of the chase. What’s special about this exact model is its Eastern Arabic bezel. Only three are known to exist, and Anish was determined to call one his own. As is the case with many vintage models, especially those with something as rare and important as this particular bezel. As a note, there are many out there that aren’t authentic. It can be very challenging to find the true model and be certain of its legitimacy, but Anish was able to do it.

Anish Bhatt - Rolex GMT Bakelite

Louis Moinet Lapis Lazuli

This completely custom model is undoubtedly near and dear to Anish’s heart. He chose the brand for its specialized dial work and use of interesting materials and stones. He’d always had an affinity for lapis. So, Louis Moinet was able to bring that detail to life in this one of a kind flying tourbillon, complete with Anish’s logo on the watch face and deployant clasp.

Anish Bhatt - Louis Monet


A few more of Anish’s watches…

Anish Bhatt - Hublot

Hublot Automatic Arabic Dial

 Anish Bhatt - Richard Mille

Rare Richard Mille Chronograph

To catch more of Anish’s contagious energy and passion for watches, watch the video above or check it out on our YouTube channel here. Or, read another Watch Story, like Ariel Adams.

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