[VIDEO] Watch Stories: Justin Mastine-Frost, The Robb Report Watch Collector

The life of a watch journalist must be a tough one. The opportunity to live your passion every day, working alongside your favorite companies, getting to swap watches on the reg…yeah, real tough. Oftentimes, watch writers don’t get the chance to be the interviewee, so we flipped the script on our good friend Justin Mastine-Frost, who’s the Senior Editor of Horology at Robb Report.

He didn’t start his career in watches. Or even as a writer. As a lover of mechanical things, he worked in classic cars and had a stint at BMW before taking up writing professionally, thanks to an old Seiko 6139-6002 he picked up as a restoration project. Justin likes delving into history, helping people make informed purchase decisions, and telling good stories. Mechanical watches made an easy subject, especially since he was already a bit of a collector to start with.

“There are still brands that are gonna push. […] There’s never a shortage of watches out there that’ll surprise you.”


Justin’s Watches

While his dream Heuer was always a Silverstone, this mid-70s Heuer Daytona just felt right on his wrist. It came from a good friend who picked it up at an estate sale, and he’s had it expertly spiffed up to highlight the patina on the dial and hands.


If Justin had to pick a daily wear, it’d be his Tudor Black Bay Red.  While he has to keep a couple of watches in rotation for reviews (such a chore), the Black Bay is one of the first of his own that he goes for. And can you blame him? That watch is good-looking.


Justin’s been a fan of independent brand Linde Werdelin for some time. As it’s grown and he’s had the chance to review several of their timepieces, he decided to get one for his own collection: the 3-Timer.


Interested in the full story on Justin Mastine-Frost? Watch the video on Youtube here, or check it out above. And, take a look at some of Justin’s work for Robb Report this way.


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