[VIDEO] Watch Stories: Tim Scott, Professional Auto Photographer

Why do car guys like watches?

According to Tim Scott, well-known car photographer, it’s because “there’s a design thing about them that’s very sexy and beautiful. I can guarantee that if I wear a good watch amongst car people, it’ll take me into endless conversation—it’s like we’re in this club.”

We’ve heard this sort of sentiment over and over again with our car-loving friends like Ted Gushue, Bradley Price, and Jonathan Ward. But perhaps Tim Scott has an even better eye for the beauty and design of watches than most.

Tim’s been photographing cars for motorsports events, publications, and car shows for a long time now. He spent the first part of his career in finance, but cars were always his passion. One day he picked up a camera, and the rest is history. He loves shooting trackside, the drama and sense of action he gets from it. And his photographs really communicate that passion clearly.

We had a chance to catch of with Tim at one of the coolest car-related events in the world: the Goodwood Revival. It’s a three-day festival at the Goodwood Circuit in Chichester, West Sussex that focuses on the types of road racing cars and motorcycles that would have competed during the circuit’s original period from 1948–1966. It’s a fun time for sure. Everyone dresses in period clothing, you see plenty of gorgeous vehicles, and it really takes you back to the circuit’s glory days.

Tim’s Watches

Tim’s watches (unsurprisingly) tend to be related to racing history. He counts among his collection pieces from Heuer, Porsche Design, and Rolex. But you’re not going to bring your whole watch collection to a car show, so we got to see some of Tim’s absolute favorite watches.

Interview with Tim Scott: Rolex Daytona

The first watch we got a look at was Tim’s Rolex Daytona ref. 6263 from 1972. Lucky for him, he found this one before the market for vintage Daytonas really boomed, but he loves the way it has aged over the years. We mean, look at that patina.

Interview with Tim Scott: Rolex Submariner

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Tim found himself a birth-year Submariner. It’s a meters first ref. 5513 that has become his go-to, everyday watch. What he loves especially about this watch (and Rolexes in general) are their “durability and mechanical integrity,” which means you can knock them around without worry.



Interested in the full story on Tim Scott and Goodwood? Watch the video on Youtube here, or check it out above. And, you can see Tim’s photography on his site.

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