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Video Transcription NATHAN: Hey everyone it's Nathan with Crown & Caliber, and today we have something really exciting, something fresh,

Video Transcription NATHAN: Another day another buying guide. Hey everyone, it's Nathan with Crown & Caliber. And we are back,

Video Transcription Hey everyone, its Nathan with Crown & Caliber and we are back with you guessed it another Rolex

Video Transcription Hey guys it's Nathan with Crown & Caliber, and we're back with another buying guide, but this buying

Video Transcription Hey guys it's Nathan with a Crown & Caliber and what I have here is an Apple Watch

Video Transcription Okay! So there is no fictional character more synonymous with watches than James Bond. He's the coolest guy

We believe that time is best used to give back. COVID-19 has affected people on a global scale and

Video Transcription You know how much we love a model guide on this channel. And I'm excited to bring you

Video Transcription On this channel we talk a lot about watches. We geek out about the nerdy details. All the

Video Transcription So today we're talking about grail watches. Now, we see a lot of watches here and sometimes we

Video Transcription All right let's do this. What you need to know before picking a Submariner: take one. So here

Video Transcription IWC is a company with a storied history that continues to impress the horology world with each new

Video Transcription In every way timekeeping was born out of man's fascination with the Sun and its daily rhythms. The