How Watch Insurance Compares To Homeowners Insurance

How Watch Insurance Compares To Homeowners Insurance

Not all forms of insurance are the same – today we’re looking at watch, renters, and homeowners.

A frequent question we get is, “How does Hodinkee Insurance compare to my Homeowners/Renters policy?” Fear not, we’re here to clarify and provide some facts for you. There are different types of insurance policies that can cover your watches, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some basic differences to help you figure out if Hodinkee Insurance is right for you.

First, we’ll tackle homeowners/renters insurance. This type of insurance policy typically includes coverage for personal property, which may include watches and other jewelry items. However, the coverage limits may be relatively low with limits rarely exceeding $5,000. The policy may also not cover certain perils or risks that are common for watches, such as accidental damage or loss outside the home.

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In addition, the policy may have a high deductible, which means you’ll have to pay a significant amount out of pocket before the insurance kicks in as these types of policies are meant for large-scale damage to your home (like if your roof blew off in a storm or your upstairs neighbor left the water on and your apartment flooded). If you’re relying on policies like this to cover your watches, you may be under-protected in the event of a loss.

Let’s now look at Hodinkee Insurance, for instance. This type of specialized insurance policy is designed specifically for watches and offers more comprehensive and tailored coverage than a general homeowners/renters policy. Hodinkee Insurance policies offer higher coverage limits, no deductibles, and broader coverage for perils such as accidental damage, loss, and mysterious disappearance. There is a misconception that specialized coverage has high premiums making it unaffordable.

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That’s just not the case with Hodinkee Insurance where coverage is very affordable. Additionally, Hodinkee Insurance has liberal appraisal requirements which is often an added expense when selecting specialized coverage. Plus, you can manage your coverage all from the Hodinkee App. With Hodinkee Insurance, you’re really maximizing coverage for your watches.

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