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In the watch industry, there are a number of unspoken (or sometimes spoken) rules that are generally accepted. Rolex is king. The Omega Speedmaster is a legend. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is the most groundbreaking design. Did you immediately disagree with one (or more) of those bold statements? If so, you’re not alone. Despite these widespread standards, watch opinions are highly personal and, at times, highly charged. True watch enthusiasts can be fervently passionate individuals when it comes to their preferences. That’s part of what we love about this community. But sometimes, we like to stir things up and start some trouble. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed some subtle (or not so subtle) posts over the past year asking for your unpopular watch opinions. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Rolex Opinions – It’s Hard to Believe…

Brace yourselves – we’re diving in hard and fast. Regardless of how you feel about Rolex, you most definitely feel something. If there’s one thing everyone can agree upon about this brand, it’s that no one is lukewarm about Rolex. Rolex fans are some of the most intensely loyal in the industry. On the other hand, those who aren’t fans have an equal amount of spirit towards other brands. Let’s get into what they have to say.

First off, we made a sweeping generalization about Rolex owners and asked folks to agree or disagree: if a person is wearing a Rolex, they most likely value tradition and appreciate classic pieces. It says that they won’t give into trends, but would rather spend money on something that is going to last and retain value for a long time. Many Rolex owners quickly jumped to their own defense, sharing heartfelt stories about their models. However, the overwhelming consensus is that these true Rolex nerds are in the minority – “some [Rolex owners] are watch people, some don’t even know they lack a battery… some buy [a Rolex] because they know it’s one of the best out there, others buy [a Rolex] because everyone says it’s the safest bet.” It seems many of you think that certain Rolex owners buy for the brand recognition and social status more than quality of the watches.

unpopular watch opinions - rolex submariner

Opinions on Rolex Design

Next up, we got into Rolex design. We asked if the fact that Rolex rarely makes sweeping changes to the design of their watches make them boring or more valuable? And, which Rolex model is due for an update? The audience split 50/50 on the lack of sweeping changes. The possibly more “unpopular” opinion was that, “iconic design loses its charisma because of over production, “and that, “making a limit to production numbers of certain designs is what makes a collection more rare and valuable.” However, despite there not being a dominating opinion about the lack of sweeping changes in Rolex’s designs, many of you thought certain models need an update.

Here’s what you like to see: an Explorer II with a ceramic bezel, a new Coke GMT, a Submariner with remodeled lugs, a 36 or 37mm Submariner and Explorer with no date window, and a 42-44mm Submariner. By our count, the consensus is that the Explorer and Submariner are most due for an update.

Unpopular Omega Opinions

Then we ventured into your unpopular thoughts on another popular brand: Omega. Quite possibly our most amusing comment was this: “Omega is like the Nicholas Cage of watch brands. They have a HUGE body of work. Their best is outstanding. Their worst is awful.” It’s tough to follow that up, but others had some constructive feedback to share like, “Omega has a bad habit of gilding the lily – always going one design choice too far. Rolex is better at finding good design by doing less.”

What About Audemars Piguet?

This time, we specifically asked about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, in particular the Forged Carbon edition. A couple of you felt the design is too close to IWC models – not too surprising since the designer of the Royal Oak, Gerald Genta, also designed for IWC. Overall, many of you felt the design is “overrated,” “just not [your] taste,” or simply “just don’t get it at all” and “find it heinous.”

Let’s keep the conversation going. How do you feel about these unpopular watch opinions? Do you agree or disagree? Leave us a message in the comments!

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  • The yellow accents on the Audemars dial really adds a nice contrast, and ties in the industrial look

  • This article is bound to raise the blood pressure of a few. LOL

    Regarding Rolex, Omega, and Audemars Piguet, there’s always a vintage version that will please. That’s the best thing about these companies.

    I worked for the jeans giant in San Francisco that for decades did it right. The originality and authenticity has been washed right out of the USA. Recreated vintage is all that’s left. None of these watch companies have thrown in the towel on that level and for that I commend them all for that.

  • what i dislike about rolex is the fact that it is the choice of everyone that knows nothing about watches

  • I just Can’t get on the bandwagon of Audemars PIGUET. The royal oak is ugly… Finally i said it. And Richard Mille is a hype brand for athletes and ARTISTS but doesn’t get the same love from WATCH enthusiast because it’s just an oversized square swatch .. rolex is entry level (in luxury watchmaking) iN terms of finishing. I mean FP journe, GS, Patek and Jaeger Lecoultre are in a other league.

  • HA! we live in the gulf. I bought my wife a rolex for the simple fact that if the sh!t hits the fan, and she needs to evac with the kids, only the rolex will bribe her way to the front of the line (maybe cartier too). its that practical a decision.

  • I am in the minority i guess. Let me put it this way, i just hit the lottery for 200 million!
    Im headed to an ad! Guess what? IT’S not rolex!!
    I Don’t get it it. Omega… for sure.lange & sonn…probably! Patek or ap ? Nope!
    In my humble opinion, these are overrated, prtentious prick wrist candy and NOTHING more