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Most people are familiar with the major watch categories. Divers, chronographs, pilot watches - they're all pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Where things

Introduction to the GMT Master II Root Beer:   The GMT Master II is arguably one of the hottest watches on the market today. At Baselworld

Well, you’ve arrived. Whether out of years of hard work, or simply good fortune – you’re ready to buy a Rolex. Considered the king

An interesting emotion comes with wearing certain watches. While it can be difficult to put into words, something changes when an Explorer II hugs

If you have even a remote interest in watches, the first name you hear after Rolex, is OMEGA. The brand has brought fan favorites

Entry-Level is an interesting term when it comes to luxury goods. For example, an “entry-level” car like a Honda, Toyota, or Nissan is much

Most luxury watches, to a degree, are meant to be seen. They’re meant to be seen on the wearer’s wrist and meant to catch

Today, it’s hard to watch golf, or any sport, without seeing a watch brand’s name somewhere on the venue or advertising connected to the

Watches, like clothing, are varied in sizes, colors, styles, materials, and a myriad of other accents and factors that make each piece unique. Here,