[VIDEO] Watch Stories: Ted Gushue, Editorial Director of Petrolicious

There’s a lot to be said about the similarities between cars and watches—they’re both purpose-built machines with a clear eye for both design and utility (in most cases). So it’s no surprise that there tends to be an overlap between so-called “watch guys” and “car guys.”

Ted Gushue falls squarely into both camps.

Ted Gushue, left, with his dog, and Crown & Caliber CEO Hamilton Powell on the right.

As the Editorial Director of Petrolicious, Ted lives and breathes vintage cars—as if that weren’t already obvious from the day we spent in the passenger seat of  his 1976 Porsche 911S. And we came to learn that cars were a huge part of his childhood, from an engineer grandfather that loved to tinker and a family that only ever owned older vehicles that had a story.

That need for a story is also carried through in Ted’s sizable watch collection, which includes a Rolex Submariner 5513, a Movado Datron, a Seiko diver, and an Autodromo Group B.

From left to right: Movado Datron, Rolex GMT-Master 1675, Autodromo Group B, Avi-8.

As expected, it’s both a practical and sentimental grouping of timepieces, and Ted has some interesting tidbits to share about how he managed to acquire them or why he wanted a certain watch. For example, his Submariner 5513 is one of his go-to’s because it’s the “universal watch,” the one that he can wear with anything and represents the year he was born. And he appreciates the Seiko diver for its pure functionality and design, even though it clocks in as one of the more affordable watches in his collection.

From left to right: Seiko Dive Watch, Movado Datron

But when it gets to the vintage watches, that’s when Ted brings out the personalities behind some of his watch stories. The Movado Datron, a forerunner to the iconic Paul Newman Daytona style with an El Primero movement, was a gift from his father’s old friend (and a real character). And the GMT-Master 1675 is a very close likeness to the one his father had while Ted was growing up—the story of how his mother surprised his father with it is (dare we say) pretty sweet.

Want to hear the full version of these tales and get a better look at Ted’s watch collection? Watch the video on Youtube here or check it out above.

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