What Watches Do Hollywood’s Top Actors Wear?

The life of a celebrity is hard to beat. Celebrities get paid millions of dollars for each movie/tv role and are adored by millions of fans. While their starring roles make them famous, the brands they endorse often make them relatable. Whatever the item or brand might be, its demand increases significantly anytime a celebrity is seen wearing it, whether they are wearing it because of an endorsement or personal preference. Receiving endorsements is one of the many perks of being a celebrity. Brands pay millions of dollars for the celebrity to wear or use their product, hoping that millions of fans will see their favorite celebrity wearing this item and will go out and purchase it. Celebrities are often seen as fashion icons and those striving to keep up with the latest trends covet their fashion choices. Brands, such as luxury watch brands, are aware of this infatuation with celebrities and jump at the opportunity to get their watches on the wrist of the rich and famous. Many of Hollywood’s top celebrities are endorsed by luxury watch brands, putting the watch in front of millions of eyes each time they wear it. With paparazzi snapping photos of celebrities every chance they get, odds are that they will get a shot of their luxury watch. Luxury watch companies will also pay celebrities big bucks to wear their watches during the filming of their movie, hoping to have it appear in theaters all across the world. Whether the celebrity is seen wearing it to the grocery store, in an advertisement, or in a movie, fans are going to notice. Here are some of the most famous watch/celebrity partnerships:

Jeremy Renner plays Aaron Cross in “The Bourne Legacy” and wears a TOP GUN IWC Pilot’s Watch, Double Chronograph Edition (Ref. IW 379901) throughout the movie.


One of TV’s most popular dramas is “Mad Men.” Don Draper, who is played by Jon Hamm, is the main character of the show and is highly regarded for his fashion sense. The show, which is set in the 1960s, dresses its characters in classic attire. Many articles are written about Don Draper’s wardrobe and showing men how to achieve Draper’s dapper look, including ties, shoes, and watches. One of Draper’s favorite accessories is a luxury watch. He has worn several luxury throughout the episodes, which air on AMC. One of our favorites is his Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso.


Some celebrities are just watch enthusiasts and do not have to be paid to wear a particular watch. Brad Pitt has been seen wearing a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch on several occasions and bought his fiancé, Angelina Jolie, a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater ref. 7000 for $390,000 USD.



One of the biggest and most well-known watch enthusiasts is special agent James Bond. Daniel Craig is the latest actor to portray the special agent and continues with Bond’s tradition of wearing a luxury watch in the latest Bond movie “Skyfall.” Craig wears an OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean throughout the movie. Christie’s sold the watch in a recent auction and it sold for $254,273!

Video still of Skyfall produced by Eon Productions.

Video still of Skyfall produced by Eon Productions.

Robert Downy, Jr. plays Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies. For Iron Man 3, Robert Downey, Jr. wore several different Jaeger LeCoultre watches while promoting the film, as he did while promoting the second movie. Here, he is seen wearing a Jaeger LeCoultre Amvox 3.

Image from Jaeger LeCoultre.

Hugh Jackman is an ambassador for Girard Perregaux watches. He has attended several Girard Perregaux functions in the past and can be seen wearing the brand when he is out and about. Here, Jackman is wearing a Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 watch.

Hugh-Jackman-Girard Perregaux

One of the most acclaimed movies from Oscars and Golden Globes was Argo, starring Ben Affleck, who was also the director of the movie. Throughout the film, Affleck wears a Rolex SubmarinerAffleck wears Rolex Submariner


Actor and singer, Beyonce, likes her bling and enjoys the finer things in life. While she is not an official ambassador for any particular brand, she does enjoy wearing the gift that her husband Jay-Z gave here: a $5 million Hublot Big Bang watchHublot Big Bang

Adam Levine is the lead singer for the Emmy winning group, Maroon 5. Levine is also one of the judges on the popular tv show, “The Voice.” Levine is known for his rocker style and tattoos. However, it keeps with a more classic and traditional style when he chooses his luxury watches. He is often seen wearing his Rolex Daytona or Rolex Submariner.

NBC's Today Show - Toyota Concert Series - Maroon 5 Performs Live In Concert

Often times, many movies have multiple watches make appearances on the wrist of different actors. The stars of “G.I. Joe Retaliation” each wear a different luxury watch. In the movie, Bruce Willis is seen wearing a Breitling Chronomat watch, oftentimes choosing to wear it backwards, with the dial on the inside of his wrist. Dwayne Johnson is often seen wearing a Panerai watch and Channing Tatum can be seen wearing an IWC watch.Channing Tatum wearing IWC


One of the most popular movies of 2013 has been “The Great Gatsby.” Jay Gatsby is the key figure of the movie and is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. At the movie premiere in New York City, DiCaprio, who is a TAG Heuer ambassador, wore a TAG Heuer Aquaracer.

Channing Tatum wearing IWC

Another new movie that was full of luxury watches was “Fast & Furious 6.” Dwayne Johnson wears a Panerai Luminor Submersible watch throughout the movie, while Paul Walker wears a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Automatic Navy SEALs watch. Paul Walker JLC

Another recently released movie is “Star Trek – Into the Darkness.” The movie is set in the future, so there are no luxury watches that make an appearance in the movie. However, several of the stars in the movie are watch enthusiasts. Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura, is an ambassador for Piaget. Karl Urban plays Bones in the movie and is a big fan of TAG Heuer watches.

Zoe Saldana and Piaget

Based on a true story, “The Bling Ring” follows a group of teenagers who rob from the house of celebrities in Hollywood Hills. One of the actors that was robbed was Orlando Bloom, who had his collection of Rolex watches stolen from his mansion. Bloom pressed charges and was able to get back his collection once the thieves were caught. His collection consisted of a Rolex Submariner, Explorer, Milgauss, GMT, and several other watches. Orlando Blooms watch collection

“The Man of Steel” broke several records during the weekend of its release. Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, has been seen wearing a Breitling watch on several different occasions during his promoting of the movie. However, at the premiere of the movie on June 15th, he wore an OMEGA watch. Russell Crowe, who is also in the movie, has starred in other movies wearing an OMEGA Speedmaster Professional. Kevin Costner, who plays Clark Kent’s father, is a known fan of Panerai watches. Henry Cavill wearing Breitling

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