[VIDEO] Watch Stories: Ariel Adams, Founder of aBlogtoWatch

If you’re active in the watch community at all, there’s a pretty good chance you know aBlogtoWatch. And there’s also a good chance you know Ariel Adams. As aBlogtoWatch’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ariel is an outspoken figure in the industry thanks in part to his “working class,” honest approach to watch journalism.

In less than 10 years, Ariel has built up aBlogtoWatch as a destination for watch news and reviews. We’re not just talking luxury timepieces at four, five, or six-figure price tags—Ariel and his team of writers and editors cover any and all watches. That sort of ‘everyman’ approach conveys a genuine passion for watches not tied to big-name brands.

Ariel’s personal collection is much the same, as we learned from visiting his home in LA. It’s big (we’re talking hundreds of watches), and brands of all stripes are well-represented, so there’s no real discernable ‘theme’ of his collection.

It’s always fun to get into the psychology of why someone collects or what exactly they collect. A lot of the time, it’s an either/or of sentimentality or practicality or a focus on a particular brand. With Ariel though, it’s a healthy dose of both. He says it himself. “I have a bunch of watches that are meaningful to me that I don’t wear, and alternatively, I have a bunch of watches that are not that meaningful to me that I do wear.” The fact that his collection has a good balance of sentimental pieces and watches that he just likes the look of speaks to his very straightforward, no-frills perspective.


Highlights from Ariel’s watch collection?

A Seiko calculator watch just like the one Christopher Lloyd sported in Back to the Future. A Citizen Pro-Master chronograph that was his first analog watch. A vintage gold Tissot once owned by his father.

When going through the footage and trying to pull the best stories from his interview, the mid-century Tissot stood out. If you’re familiar with aBlogtoWatch, you know that Ariel and his team don’t spend a lot of time talking about vintage watches. Even Ariel’s collection is made up of more modern pieces with select historic pieces sprinkled in. But this watch was notable not just for its family connection (and even a little family mystery), but for what it represents of twentieth-century watchmaking. Beyond just being “clean and attractive,” the Tissot is an elegant watch from a time when watches were mostly utilitarian.


Of course, as someone who spends much of his time giving opinions on the latest and greatest in the watch industry, Ariel doesn’t hold back his thoughts on what kind of watch you shouldn’t be wearing. “Why be afraid to tell the world something about who you are? Because a boring watch just means that you’re quiet.”‘

Honestly? We couldn’t agree more.


Want to hear the full version and get a better look at Ariel’s watch collection? Watch the video on Youtube here, or check it out above.

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