The Speake-Marin Serpent Calendar

Speake Marin Serpent Calendar DialCrown and Caliber is currently consigning a Speake Marin Serpent Calendar.

The Speake Marin Serpent Calendar is one of the most recognizable Speake Marin models with its Piccadilly case, blued steel hands, and serpentine hand that indicates the day. The white enamel dial features black Roman numerals that taper towards the bottom of the numeral. Just inside the Roman numerals, the dial displays Arabic numerals that indicate the day of the month. The Speake Marin Serpent Calendar is a clean and exquisite watch that captures the passion and detail of the Speake Marine brand. The blued steel hands contrast with the clean white dial and the jet black roman hour markers. Shape variations in the day, hour, and minute hands, allow one to differentiate between each hand at a cursory glance. The hour hand is a broad spade shape, which is a Speake-Marin signature.

The Speake Marin Serpent Calendar watch that Crown & Caliber is consigning is the 38mm version, but this watch is also available in 42mm.

Speake Marin Serpent Calendar Caseback DialThis Speake Marin Serpent Calendar houses the EROS 1 hand finished self-winding movement. The movement boasts a Five Day power reserve, and 28,800 vph frequency. The transparent case back gives one a good look at the intricately designed movement. The rotor features many curves and points to go along with the Serpent theme of the watch.

Speake Marin Serpent Calendar Caseback2The “Piccadilly” case and lugs are uniquely Speake Marin. The Piccadilly case is comprised of long, stout lugs with large screws, an oversized crown, a thin bezel, and steep sides. The Speake Marin “Piccadilly” was one of the first watch models released by Speak Marin. The watchmaker named the watch as a tribute to his years spent in antique watch restoration in England. The signature lugs identify the watch as a Speake Marin from a distance.

Peter Speake Marin

Peter Speake-Marin – Image from WatchPro.

Peter Speak-Marin is an independent watchmaker from England. The Speake Marin watchmaking company was founded in 2002 and is based in Bursins, Switzerland, currently producing 500 to 600 watches a year.

Peter Speake Marin was born in Essex, England. He began his life as a watchmaker when he attended London’s Hackney Technical College. Following his education at Hackney, Speake Marin attended the prestigious WOSTEP School (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program) in Neuchatel. After graduation he moved back to England and worked as a restoration specialist for some of the world’s most collectible antique watches. After mastering antiques, Speake Marin moved back to Switzerland to work for the firm Renaud and Papi, the complications specialists for Audemars Piguet. Here Speake Marin developed and built some of the world’s most complicated modern watches. Another period that had a huge impact on Speake-Marin was the time that he spent working as a restorer for Somlo Antiques, an antique watch retailer. This is when he fell in love with antique watches. Many of his Speake-Marin collections are inspired by his time at the antiques store. After mastering the art of antique and modern watchmaking, Speake Marin fulfilled his dream of opening the Speake Marin Watch Company in 2002.

The first timepiece created by Speake Marin was the Foundation Tourbillon Pocket watch. The watch served as a foundation and inspiration in a technical and aesthetic sense for future Speake Marin watches.

If you are looking for a watch that is unique and off the beaten path, Speake Marin is a respected brand known for timepieces that have stylish design elements as well as movements that can be appreciated by everyone from first time collectors to the most advanced watchmakers.

Speake Marin Serpent Calendar

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