How To Find Your Watch Model Number

Luxury watches come with a variety of numbers associated with them on the paperwork, case back, chronometer certificate etc., but which numbers are really significant? We are often afraid of giving the serial number away because of the growing replica market that has been taking these numbers and using them in a disingenuous way. However, without knowing it, many people mistake the watch serial number as the watch model number. For example, it is a common mistake on Cartier watches to blur out the case number instead of the watch serial number on online eBay listings. So… how do you find a watch model number? The answer? It depends on the brand. While some watches will not have a watch model number on the physical watch case, surprisingly, many of them do. The paperwork is always the first option for locating a watch model number, but unfortunately many times the papers are misplaced or lost. Here are some top luxury watch brands and some tips on how to find your watch model number.


But first, some common mistakes:

  • Movement as watch model number- sometimes the movement number is marked on the watch. A good example is the Montblanc brand. A lot of their watches have exhibition case backs where one can see the rotor. The rotor is marked with the caliber. Many watches will contain that same movement and so that caliber number might lead one in circles if mistaken as the model number.
  • Watch Serial Number- as mentioned before, we often assume the model is a serial number which is a unique, one-of-a-kind number
  • Chronometer Certificate- while definitely valuable to the watch, the number on the certificate will not help you search for or identify a particular watch
  • TIP: If “model number” isn’t stated verbatim look for the term reference number or style number on the paper work


Jaeger Le-Coultre

Jaeger Le-Coultre can be a little complicated, but we expect nothing less from such an intricate brand. There are sometimes three models that can identify one Jaeger LeCoultre watch. Some watches are more commonly identified by just one of these numbers, while others are referred to by all three. A Reverso, for example, is commonly known by the number on the back of the case. This model is usually in the form XXX.X.XX or a similar format. Jaeger Le-Coultre watches also have what is known as a “Q” model number. For instance, the Reverso Gran Sport has a “Q” model number Q2948102 and a case back number 295.8.51, both of which are searchable. The “Q” number will be on the paperwork and tag and the other on the case back. Occasionally, a longer watch model number will be listed on the paperwork as well as in a similar format to the case back number. This often does not search for the watch but is a genuine watch model number. Your best bet with JLC is the “Q” number or case back number.

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Caseback



Cartier watches, much like Jaeger LeCoultre watches, typically have a number on the case back and a unique identifier on the paperwork that will designate the model. The case back number (typically 4 digits) dictates what the case will look like. The materials can vary even with the same case back number, but the size and dimensions will be the same. Many people mistake the longer number on the case back, which is the watch serial number, for the watch model number. The 4 digit number is very important in identifying the watch. The other model number typically starts with a “W” and is found on the paperwork only. This number is the specific model number that will correspond to only exact matches of the watch. A Cartier Pasha will also have a case back number. With an exhibition case back it will still be on the outer edge of the case. If the watch case does not have a 4 digit model number, don’t worry, as some of the earlier models or quartz models do not have a case back number. In those instances, it might be necessary to find the size of the watch and compare the case to similar models. Seen below, 2730 is the case number.

Model Numbers - Cartier Pasha ref. 2730





Chopard is similar to Cartier. There will typically be a 4 digit case back number that is part of the model number. A Mille Miglia, for example, will have a 4 digit case back number and a model on the paperwork that is in the form of XX/XXXX, those last 4 digits being the same as the number on the case back. A specific example would be the Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL which has a model number of 16/8457 and the case back will simply have 8457.



Breitling makes it easy to find the watch model number because the case back is marked with the model number. The paperwork will have the same model with the addition of a few numbers at the end designating the specific design of that watch. Sometimes, Breitling watches also have a chronometer certificate that is good to have with the watch, but that number will not identify anything having to do with the model. The good news is it typically searches by the letter and five digits seen on the case back. The trick is deciphering the watch model number, which usually begins with a letter, from the watch serial number.


Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer watches also have the watch model number on the case back. This should be the same model on the paperwork as well. Tag Heuer has a very clear cut modeling system that makes identifying the watch relatively easy. There is a serial number on the case back in addition to the watch model number so identifying which is significant is the only tricky part. Like Breitling, Tag Heuer watch models begin with letters, but the serial numbers can too, so it is typically the number “on top” or above the second listed number. An exhibition case back will be different since there is not as much space, the watch model number can sometimes stand alone. Model number is seen to the right above the displayed movement.

Model Number on TAG Heuer Monaco


Bvlgari has a modeling system that appears on the case back. The model is essentially like a code that gives details about the watch. An example of a BVLGARI model number is BB 33 SGD. That model corresponds to a model in the BVLGARI BVLGARI line, 33mm with a steel and gold case, all logically designated by the letters. One model might have GMT at the end, signaling that it has a GMT function. The models typically make sense. A good indication that a BVLGARI is not authentic is if the letters do not make sense when looking at the watch, or there aren’t any numbers at all. Seen to the left on the case below are the letters DG 40 S GMT- this is a Diagono Model, 40mm, Steel with a GMT function.

 Bvlgari Watch Caseback Bvlgari Watch


For a Rolex watch, unfortunately if the paperwork is gone, finding the model number can be very difficult because it requires the removal of the bracelet or band. The model number is located between the watch lugs under the bracelet. One set of lugs displays the watch serial number and the other will show the watch model number. We recommend having the bracelet removed professionally if needed since removing the bracelet can easily result in a scratched case. The watch model number is usually referred to as the “style number” on Rolex paperwork, if there is paperwork on the watch. Luckily, there are some dial markers and case features that can usually give away a Rolex model number, but some models, such as the 18k Ladies Date-just line, can be difficult to discern.

How to Find a Rolex Model Number

Image from Messina Jewelers.


Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is another tough brand because many people assume the number on the case back is the watch model number, but that is actually the watch serial number. A Patek Philippe watch model number or reference number is located on the inside of the case back. We recommend having the case taken off professionally so as to not scratch the case in the process. We expect a bit of a hunt for the model number on such an exquisite brand.

Patek Philippe Case Back

Image from Master Horologer.



Omega is another example of a watch that puts the watch model number inside of the case. Omega watches do have a serial on the outside of the case however, that will search in Omega’s database and correspond with a model number. This database only dates back to certain period so anything vintage or retro might not search. Omega also uses the terminology “reference number” on their paperwork which is actually a pictogram card. Seen below “Ref.” is where the model number should be written.

Papers for OMEGA watch



Vintage wrist watches can be tricky because many times these models break the rules. You might find a model number on the case, for instance some Piaget models will search that way, but it is also very common to have the model number marked on the inside of the case back as well. Since most of the men’s vintage models do not have paperwork anymore, these are usually the hardest models to identify. Sometimes the caliber is used instead.


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  • The Watch i have recently bought a Montblanc XL “Big” Date 7071, No papers on it but pretty sure it is real. Anyone know how i can trace the serial number to check authenticity and mainly the age.

    I can go to an authorised dealer and request an authenticity certificate but would like to know how to find this if possible o

    The case number looks to be next to the model 7071 and Starts PJXXXXXX but little in terms of tracking these online etc to determine the year

    • Your best bet is probably an authorized dealer or to try and go to the brand itself.

  • I have a Chanel J12 womens watch. I want to sell this watch. I was completing your form but when asked the serial number I had to stop. The number is in the inside of the watch but I do not want to take the back off again

    • Hi Linda,

      You are right to not open the watch. Only a trained watchmaker should do that. The serial number isn’t a required field, so submit with as much information as you can and make sure to provide pictures from several angles to help our valuation team. Hopefully this helps.

  • I just bought a watch at An old Shop. It is BrAnded wIBmer. It also saYs swiss leVer escapement and 35 rubies. The only number on the back is #020. I have tRIed to research it but i can’t find anything on it. Can anyone Help me?

    • Hi Logan,

      Without pictures of the watch, it is a bit tough for us to try and determine what you have.

  • Hi my grandfather left me a bvlgari watch don’t know if it is real it has no serial number that I can see it doesn’t tick is it real could it be inside of the watch

    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes there are some watches where the serial number is on the inside. However, do not attempt to open your watch as you could damage the movement or the case. We suggest taking it to a Swiss-trained watchmaker in order to help you.

  • Hello, I do not have a model number for a ladies, Gold Vintage OMEGA (80+ years old) inherited from my grandmother. I know it must be real. They purchased only from high end jewelers in Germany. I don’t know the worth. I tried to submit via your website but could not provide the model or serial number. I have photos. Heavy gold band, small white face.

    • Hi Susanne,

      Just submit it with as much information as you can. Unfortunately, the model type is a required field, but if you aren’t sure of the model just type anything into the field. From there provide pictures of the watch from all angles possible. It is ok if you aren’t sure of the serial number, the pictures should help us be able to valuate the timepiece.

  • I have a old rolex swiss watch I was trying to find the value of it I think these are the numbers 1061753239 hard to read belonged to my grandfather its very old not great condition and doesn’t work

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Where did you pull the number from? Know the model or have a box and papers?

  • What does the 14e mean on the back of my Nixon watch pls someone help ?

    • Hi! Without more information or seeing the watch itself, our watchmaker’s best guess is that the 14e is either a production code or a model number. Hope it helps.