Profiles in Time: Princess Diana’s Watches

Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the most beloved members of the royal family. Known as the “people’s princess,” her modesty resonated with the British people and made her accessible despite her status. Her life was cut short in a tragic car accident when she was only 36 years old, but her legacy lives on today.

Princess Diana was born to aristocracy. She was quiet and shy among her peers but had a penchant for working with children. After attending finishing school in Switzerland, she moved to London and became a kindergarten teacher at the Young England School. It was here she reconnected with the royal family.

Princess Diana

Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles was unexpected given their thirteen year age difference, but the two shared a similar, soft-spoken nature. They married in 1981 in what was considered to be the wedding of the century.

The couple welcomed their first son in 1982 and their second just two years later. Although Princess Diana enjoyed motherhood and her new family, she struggled in the spotlight. She did her best to focus her time and energy on her passion for children by working with several charities supporting children in need.

Unfortunately, Princess Diana’s issues only grew over the years. She battled depression and an eating disorder, and her marriage was ultimately impacted. Charles and Diana became estranged and announced their separation in 1992—their divorce wasn’t finalized until 1996.

Princess Diana's Watch

Even after her divorce and separation from the royal family, Princess Diana maintained her popularity. She remained involved with her sons and her charities. However, she continued to struggle with being in the public eye. She was trying to escape the paparazzi on the night of her fatal car crash.

Because of her unassuming nature, Princess Diana’s power was always underestimated. It wasn’t until after her death that she became revered as a fashion icon among the likes of Jackie Kennedy Onassis or Audrey Hepburn. Her style was so classic and timeless, it’s still being emulated today.

Princess Diana’s style evolved as her public profile grew, and she always found subtle ways to infuse her own personality into her wardrobe. Since she was so shy, she let her clothes do the talking.

Princess Diana's Watch

Accessories helped punctuate Princess Diana’s looks, and she was often seen with a fine watch on her wrist. Prince Charles gave her a yellow gold Patek Philippe timepiece, which she wore regularly during their marriage. After their separation, she was frequently seen wearing a Cartier Tank.

Princess Diana may not have been confident in all facets of her life, but she was confident in her appearance. Her clothing was a fitting and powerful form of self-expression for an equally powerful woman, even though she never seemed to know her own strength.


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