What Watch Does Stephen Colbert Wear?

Stephen Colbert is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, political commentator, and TV host. He began making a name for himself in the late 1990s. Then, he served as a mock new correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. By 2005, he had landed his own namesake show on the network, The Colbert Report. Colbert’s biggest career breakthrough came a decade later in 2015 when he replaced David Letterman as host of The Late Show.

As Stephen Colbert has evolved as a host, his style has evolved as well. He always has a crisp, clean, and polished look that’s punctuated with smart accessories. Though he’s not a self-proclaimed collector, Colbert is often sporting a fine timepiece. His models of choice reflect both his classic style and quirky personality.

Stephen Colbert’s Watches

TAG Heuer Monaco

One of Colbert’s go-to brands its TAG Heuer. When you think of the TAG Heuer name, you might immediately conjure up an image. It’s a mix between heritage and innovation, prestige and performance, sport and charm. TAG Heuer fans appreciate high quality and precision, and Colbert is among them. Most often, you’ll spot him wearing a classic Monaco or a more unique 2000 series.

Stephen Colbert with a TAG Heuer watch on 'The Colbert Report.'

The Monaco is a sporty racing chronograph. It was the first model to debut TAG Heuer’s groundbreaking automatic chronograph movement, the Caliber 11, back in 1969. It was also the first water-resistant watch with a square case to hit the market. The inventiveness of the model didn’t stop at its instantly eye-catching shape and impressive movement. Every element of the Monaco was unconventional, from its oversized case to the left positioning of the crown. The Monaco was a rebel in an industry of much tradition, which is exactly what one might say about Colbert’s approach to reporting.

The 1000 Series was TAG Heuer’s debut dive watch, first released in the 1970s. Next came the 2000 Series the following decade. Though it’s lesser known than some of the brand’s more iconic models, it’s become a cult line among collectors. It expanded on the quartz models of the 1000 series by offering automatic options as well. In addition, the 2000 Series featured a more refined design with an upgraded bracelet. The overall look was a bit softer and more modern. The model was anything but ordinary and seems to perfectly compliment Colbert’s persona.

Rolex Submariner

In contrast to his more avant-garde TAG Heuer models,  Stephen Colbert also has a classic Rolex Submariner. The Submariner is arguably one of the most instantly recognizable and iconic models of all time. Though it’s a purpose-built tool watch, it’s equally stylish. Its design has remained largely unchanged since its initial debut in 1953. There’s a reason it’s withstood the test of time for over 60 years. It seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a dive watch with a classic design that’s perfect for everyday wear.

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show set with his Rolex Submariner watch.

Though the Submariner is certainly a more mainstream choice, it still seems fitting for Colbert. His steadfast commitment to his craft combined with his clean-cut look isn’t so dissimilar to the Submariner.

The Apple Watch

Despite the combination of unconventional and classic models in Stephen Colbert’s collection, he’s also on board with the Apple Watch trend. He first sported the smartwatch when he made his debut on The Late Show. Soon after, he wore it during an interview with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. We’re obviously partial to the tradition of watchmaking. However, we can’t blame the hit TV host for wanting to show off the latest tech.

Stephen Colbert and his TAG Heuer watch

It’s obviously a next-generation gadget, but Colbert seems to have made a place for it in his rotation nonetheless.

Taking a look at Stephen’s Colbert watch collection, it’s clear that he is a man with versatile preferences.

Editor’s Note: Updated in June of 2019 for clarity and information 

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