What Watch Does Prince William Wear?

The British royalty is always in the spotlight. Sometimes they make headlines for their personal lives, sometimes for their charitable causes, and sometimes for their style and the accessories they wear, such as their luxurious timepieces.

Princes William and Harry, particularly, have been seen wearing luxury watches from brands such as OMEGA, Rolex, and Breitling. All three companies are highly regarded in the watch world and produce some of the finest luxury timepieces characterized by high-quality manufacturing and refined designs.

Prince William and His OMEGA Watch

Prince William has been consistently spotted wearing the same watch: an OMEGA Seamaster Quartz 300m Mid-Size. But’s it not just a regular watch. It’s rumored to have emotional value for the prince, as it was a gift from his late mother, Princess Diana.

Prince William's OMEGA Seamaster Watch

In addition to that, the OMEGA Seamaster is a classic, stylish watch that can be worn comfortably for multiple occasions. It was the watch he wore for his wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011. And when the couple visited the U.S. in 2014, the Seamaster looked elegant and casual as they watched a Brooklyn Nets game—the same night they met Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Prince William’s OMEGA Seamaster features a date dial, a chronometer, a screw-in crown, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and a helium-escape valve. The dial is covered with sapphire crystal, resistant to scratches, and the wristband is made from stainless steel.

Prince Harry’s Watches

Unlike his brother William, Prince Harry is more open when it comes to the watches he wears. He has been seen wearing two different models: a Rolex Explorer II ref. 216750 and a Breitling Aerospace. Both watches are excellent choices and are indicative of the areas he specializes in.

Prince Harry's Rolex Explorer II

Since Prince Harry has served several terms in Afghanistan and was also promoted to Captain, the Rolex Explorer II is well-suited to the extreme conditions in that part of the world, resistant to the temperatures and the rugged terrain. This particular Rolex Explorer II model features an orange second hand inspired from the vintage ref. 1655 model, a 42mm case, and a date dial.

Prince Harry's Brietling Aerospace Watch

Prince Harry’s second watch, a Breitling Aerospace, is one suitable for pilots. Harry is trained to fly Apache attack helicopters, so it’s easy to see the connection between the timepieces he wears and his interests and occupations. His Breitling Aerospace features a digital calendar with the day and date programmed for four years, and a chronograph. It’s water resistant and an impressive, high-quality quartz watch.

Just like his brother, Harry doesn’t believe in wearing “special occasion” watches. At William and Kate’s wedding, he wore his Breitling, and later sported his Rolex Explorer II at the Diamond Jubilee Cathedral Service.

The British Royal Family sets an example when it comes to their style. And when it comes to men of the family, what draws our attention is their timepieces.


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