Watch Unboxing: Crown & Caliber

There are plenty of reasons to buy a luxury watch. To start, skilled artisans put these watches together by hand. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the watches reliably keep time. More impressive, these watches tick for decades. They typically only need a tune-up every five years or so. A mass-produced timepiece doesn’t usually last that long.

Each luxury watch can have upwards of 400 parts, making them intricate and detailed pieces of art. They come in all sorts of sizes and looks, and have varying complications that suit different lifestyles. Many can be taken to the highest mountains and the lowest sea depths. Plus, they just look good.

However, they can be expensive. They are definitely an investment in functionality, but not always monetarily. Much like a luxury car, a brand-new watch from an authorized dealer depreciates in value the minute it is sold. Essentially, you would not be able to turn around a re-sell the watch for the same price you just purchased it. Unlike the car, the depreciation eventually levels out. So, this is where the secondary market comes into play.

The secondary luxury watch market can be a bit of a terrifying experience. For one, there are counterfeiters out there looking to pass of replicas as reals. With the anonymity of the internet it can be hard know if you are truly getting the watch you were hoping for. To help alleviate this, Crown & Caliber has a team of 15 in-house watchmakers, techs, refinishers, and evaluators authenticating and servicing the watches that come through the door. We also offer a 1-year warranty on all watches we sell.

However, a big upside to the secondary market is value. Buying certified pre-owned from a trusted source is a smart move. You can get a beautiful timepiece for a lot less money than its original cost. It is great way to maximize your budget, especially if the watch is a gift. Here, at Crown & Caliber, we have over 2000 watches and carry 40+ brands, ensuring a style and size for everyone.

Don’t let the fact that a watch isn’t brand-new from the store deter you. Part of a watch’s charm is its provenance, or history, and how it connects people. Watches are story-keepers. They may tell time, but they have seen the world from a different view that the rest of us.

Buying pre-owned doesn’t have to exclude the recipient from that “wow” moment. At Crown & Caliber we send a watch roll with every timepiece sold from our shop; even watches that have the original box. This roll allows the wearer to store their timepiece when it isn’t on their wrist. They will fit almost any model and are black leather with an ultra-suede interior. The roll will protect the watch and help keep it looking new.

Watches make incredible gifts for special occasions and milestones. They connect generations to each other, and are a tangible reminder of the gift-giver. Whatever your reasoning for purchasing a watch is – it should be an exciting, not frightening transaction. Make sure that wherever you purchase from, you are backed by a warranty, guaranteed authenticity, and getting that great unboxing moment.


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