Watch Stories: Tyler Blake, Streetwear Influencer

Most kids, at one time or another, in their lives collect something. For some it’s rocks, for others it’s sports memorabilia, but for Tyler Blake, it was Pokémon. When he was little, he started with the cards and games and his collections, as he says, “leveled up” from there. In general, Tyler believes that all people are collectors. There are the tangible collections like his childhood cards, or his passion now, shoes. But there are also the intangibles, like friendships.

Now, Tyler has taken his love of collection and shoes, in particular, and has translated that to be an influencer in the streetwear community. He has a great feel and track record of what will or won’t be popular. His eye for artistry is apparent as we sit down in his living room to talk. There are vibrant pieces of artwork everywhere from a diverse group of creators. As we sit down to chat, it quickly becomes apparent that Tyler might not be the most extroverted person in the room, but he may be the most thoughtful.

Part of what he loves about his collections are the stories behind all the pieces. He actively engages with his pieces regularly and can tell you what each of them mean to him. His watch collection isn’t humongous, but his watches mean a lot to him.


His collection started with a watch he no longer has. It also started with a watch that is a grail for many people.  It is rarely their first watch out of the gate. With money he had from selling sneakers, he bought an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It had an exhibition back and a diver’s strap.  He eventually sold it and moved towards Rolex.

Tyler’s next watch was the Rolex Submariner 16610LV, affectionately known as “The Hulk.” He talks about how excited he was to get it and how he didn’t remove the stickers. They just wore off over time. Though Tyler tends to trade things out, he says that this watch will stay in his collection, as he can imagine passing it down to his future child one day.

The last watch in Tyler’s collection is his Rolex GMT Master II. His 116710 “Batman” has a unique beginning. He invested in 4 Bitcoin at the beginning and cashed out when it was up. With it, came the Batman, and soon after he purchased it, Bitcoin went down.


Tyler is also a Crown & Caliber ambassador, and at the time of the video was trying out a Yacht-Master to potentially add to his collection. For Tyler, at the end of the day, a watch just tells time. He knows that he is buying more prestige, legacy, and artistry than materials, but is ok with that. The way he collects items and sells them has allowed Tyler to enjoy a variety of luxurious items in a thoughtful way. Through this he has gained a deeper appreciation of art, craftsmanship, and watches.

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