Watch Madness Matchups: Rolex Submariner “Hulk” vs. Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke”

Putting Rolex Head to Head in Round 3

Watch Madness is unfolding fast! We started by putting 64 watches head-to-head, and now it’s Round 3. Can you believe we’re down to the sweet sixteen? Of the remaining watches, we’re especially excited about one particular matchup: the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” versus Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke.” In Round 1, the Hulk crushed the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine, and the Coke beat out the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. In Round 2, the Hulk took on the Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer, and the Coke knocked out the iconic Zenith El Primero. Now that both models have two victories under their belts, they’ve gained a bit of confidence and steam. Does the Hulk have an advantage after already taking down a GMT-Master II? Will the Coke avenge the Root Beer by dominating the Hulk? When two Rolex models face off, you know it’s going to be a fight to the finish. Before the big moment, we wanted to spend some time honoring what fierce competitors these watches are. Let’s measure up these two Rolex favorites.

The Rolex Submariner “Hulk”

Though there may not be as many iterations as the GMT, the Submariner is no stranger to clever nicknames. It started in 2003 in commemoration of the model’s 50th anniversary. That year, Rolex introduced the Kermit with a green bezel and contrasting black dial. The colorway was such a success, the brand launched the Hulk several years later in 2010. This time, they upped the ante with an all-green monochromatic color scheme on the bezel and dial. However, the Hulk’s moniker doesn’t just come from its emerald hue. Rolex also gave the Sub heftier portions with a thicker case design and wider lugs. Of all the color combinations showcased in Rolex models, the Hulk’s is arguably one of the most daring. There’s something about the rich green hue that’s just hard to beat. No other model really compares, and it shows. The demand is high for the Hulk. In fact, it commands a higher premium than the original black Sub.

The Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke”

When Rolex unveiled the GMT-Master II in 1983, they debuted a brand new colorway. It featured a two-tone red and black bezel, aptly nicknamed the Coke. In addition to the new hue, the GMT-Master II introduced a major functional upgrade to the brand’s GMT line. They added a quickset hour hand that allows the wearer to read the time in three different time zones simultaneously. To accommodate the new functionality, the GMT-Master II housed an all-new movement. In turn, the model also boasted a new, thicker case construction. Rolex incorporated other elements to make the design larger and more modern, like robust crown guards and a wider bezel. These heftier proportions garnered another nickname for the Coke: the “Fat Lady.”

Who Will Go On to the Elite Eight?

This may truly be one of the most equally matched and toughest battles yet. You have a clash of the Rolex models, both with the backing of the powerhouse brand. Each watch has a distinctive color scheme and iconic moniker to match. Then, there’s the design. Both models are a robust tool watch, which is also reflected in their nicknames. Does it come down to longevity or functionality? This is a tough call! Stay tuned to see which model reigns supreme. It’s going to be a nail biter.

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