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Beginning the Legacy: The Patek Philippe Union Patek Philippe is one of the oldest and longest standing watch companies. In nearly two centuries of business, they’ve pioneered countless pieces

The Precision of First Man Earlier this month, Universal Pictures’ film First Man hit theaters. The biopic intimately chronicles Neil Armstrong’s life throughout the space race, and the challenges and

Throughout the brand’s history, Longines has shared a close relationship with various military organizations. During WWII, their timepieces served as indispensable tools for military forces. They most notably

Watches are intricate little machines. Their dozens of parts work in harmony, allowing them to perform an array of functions or simply tell time. In the early centuries

Famous Watches and Their Nicknames Watch nicknames may have started as affectionate calling cards given by watch enthusiasts. However, over the years, these monikers have helped to solidify certain

The History of Zenith's Mark on the Aviation Industry Zenith has had deep ties with the world of aviation for over 100 years. Their contribution to the field began

The Dive Watch Bezel The dive watch bezel is the signature characteristic of the watch. This simple yet significant feature first appeared on dive watches out of necessity. When

Before the calendar as we know it today, we used different methods to measure time. People measured days by the rising and setting of the sun, and years

The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso is one of the most interesting and inventive watch designs ever made. The development of the Reverso is also what spurred the partnership between

The evolution of watch materials is not just driven by the wide range of aesthetically diverse and interesting watches currently on the market. It’s also deeply intertwined with

The Zenith Military Connection The military has used watches since the 1800’s. However, their place as indispensable tools for combat began in WWI. It was then that military forces

The Early Days of Watches For centuries, watches were considered a luxury item. They were reserved for the aristocracy and other elite members of society or used for functional