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To say George Bamford is a polarizing figure among watch lovers may be an understatement. But purist or not, you have to recognize that

Eric Wind has worn many hats over the years: biofuel industry vet turned Hodinkee contributor, now the VP, Senior Specialist at Christie's. What stayed consistent

Product designer turned watchmaker Bradley Price has turned his passion for cars into a thriving business. His company Autodromo blends the spirit of motoring

Conversation surrounding replica watches has been divisive, with strong opinions on both sides of the debate. What draws people to fake recreations of brand-name

Michael Prichinello is a car guy through and through. And as co-owner of one of the coolest Manhattan spots for gearheads, Michael lives his passion

Replacing a watch bracelet can completely change the look of your watch. If you want to go more casual, replace the bracelet with a

Ever wonder what goes into servicing a luxury watch? A lot, actually. A full service involves literally taking the watch apart piece by tiny little piece,

The idea of a fake watch is kind of interesting. It's built to duplicate of a four-figure (sometimes five- or six-figure) watch at the

The Rolex President is a pretty iconic watch. There's not really any other watch that looks like it—that includes fake watches especially. However, that