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Replacing a watch bracelet can completely change the look of your watch. If you want to go more casual, replace the bracelet with a

Ever wonder what goes into servicing a luxury watch? A lot, actually. A full service involves literally taking the watch apart piece by tiny little piece,

The idea of a fake watch is kind of interesting. It's built to duplicate of a four-figure (sometimes five- or six-figure) watch at the

The Rolex President is a pretty iconic watch. There's not really any other watch that looks like it—that includes fake watches especially. However, that

When we get a fake watch into the facility, oftentimes it's pretty easy to see right off the bat. But not all replicas are made

Fake watches aren't created equally. Believe it or not, there is such thing as a sophisticated replica watch. This means that if you're interested in

Into vintage cars? You'll like Jonathan Ward (that is, if you didn't drool over his work already). At ICON 4x4, the boutique automaker Ward runs

Ah, fake watches. Bad or good, we can't help but be fascinated by them, even as they cheapen the carefully crafted brand images of the

Buyer beware: fake watches are getting better every year. And they're getting more prolific—a quick Google search will bring up hundreds of internet retailers