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Our Top Five OMEGA Sale Picks

OMEGA has left its mark on the history of horology and our culture. They’ve served as one of the official timekeepers of the Olympic Games since 1932. They’ve been the official watch of the space program since 1965. And, they became the official watch of James Bond in the 1990s. Through sports, space, film, and beyond, OMEGA has maintained a strong reputation for nearly two centuries. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular and highly respected watchmakers in the industry.

Whether you’re purchasing your first OMEGA or growing your collection, buying an OMEGA is owning a piece of history. However, there are so many great offerings produced by the brand, it can be hard to choose. Plus, they’ve made some particularly alluring special edition models over the years that can make your decision even tougher. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of our favorite OMEGA models to help you pick the best one for you.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra

The Seamaster line has been one of OMEGA’s most successful collections over the years. As the brand has developed the Seamaster, they’ve divided the model into categories. First, they debuted the more casual Seamaster Professional series. More recently, they introduced the dressier Seamaster Aqua Terra in 2003. The Aqua Terra is equal parts sport watch and dress watch. It combines the functionality that’s made the Seamaster so popular with a refined and elegant design. The variation we chose features a classic stainless steel construction with a striking black dial.

The De Ville

The De Ville began as an extension of the Seamaster collection in the 1960s. The model became so popular, OMEGA decided to make it a permanent line in 1967. The De Ville was and continues to be a fresh, youthful addition to OMEGA’s lineup. It features a sleek, modern design that looks smart on the wrist. In 1999, it became the first model in the OMEGA family to be fitted with the brand co-axial caliber. This particular iteration comes equipped with a handsome leather strap that’s perfect for the fall and winter months.

The Seamaster NZL-32 Regatta Chronograph

The Seamaster NZL-32 Regatta Chronograph was the official Emirates Team New Zealand Watch during the illustrious America’s Cup in 2007. This high-precision variation of the iconic Seamaster is capable of measuring performance to 1/8thof a second. Like a yacht-watch, this model also helps meet the needs of skippers. The regatta function allows them to track that crucial countdown window at the start of a race. Even if you don’t plan to be on the high seas, you can appreciate this watch’s history and sporty design.

The Speedmaster “Snoopy” Eyes on the Stars Limed Edition

Snoopy is NASA’s official mascot. NASA astronauts give the Snoopy Award to companies who make an exceptional contribution to the success of space flights. It should come as no surprise that OMEGA became one of its recipients in 1970. As a result, the watchmaker has created limited edition models honoring the accolade and the beloved character over the years. This particular version of the Speedmaster Professional Snoopy debuted at Baselworld in 2003. Aside from the caseback and dial register featuring Snoopy himself, the model is a tried and true Speedmaster. However, the limited production of these models has made them highly coveted by collectors.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean

Similar to the Aqua Terra, the Planet Ocean is a newer extension of the Seamaster line, first released in 2005. However, unlike the Aqua Terra, the Planet Ocean is a more robust tool watch. The distinguishing feature of the collection is the addition of a helium escape valve (HEV). OMEGA added this important function for divers looking to explore great depths for prolonged periods. Whether you’re a diver or looking for a sport watch for everyday wear, the Planet Ocean is an excellent choice.

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