“The Bling Ring” Movie Features Orlando Bloom’s Stolen Watches

How far would you go to get your hands on one of the rich and famous’ luxury watch collections? Hopefully not as far as the group of Hollywood Hills teenagers who began robbing L.A.’s celebrity elite in 2008. With Sophia Coppola’s feature film, The Bling Ring being released next week, this group is now infamously known for stealing millions of dollars in cash, jewelry, and other items from the homes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson and many more A-list celebrities from October 2008 until July 2009. However, the group went too far in July 2009 when they stole part of Orlando Bloom’s prized and beloved collection of vintage wristwatches, including six of his favorite Rolex watches.

Film shot of Orlando Bloom’s Rolex Collection from The Bling Ring’s (Releasing June 14, 2013) Official Movie Trailer

Film shot of Orlando Bloom’s Rolex Collection from The Bling Ring’s (Releasing June 14, 2013) Official Movie Trailer (Screen Shot from Moviefone.com Trailer)

Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, coming to theatres on June 14, 2013, delves into the real life story that started out as youthful fun and spun out of control as the teens tracked the whereabouts of their celebrity targets online to steal more than three million dollars in luxury goods. While the group began by stealing just a few items from Paris Hilton and other celebrities who may have never noticed, they crossed the line and got caught when they begin stealing thousands of dollars worth of personal items from many more celebrities.

The Casted “Bling Ring” in Sophia Coppola’s Feature Film

The Casted “Bling Ring” in Sophia Coppola’s Feature Film (Photo Courtesy of Moviefone.com)

When this group, currently dubbed “The Bling Ring,” naively stole Orlando Bloom’s valuable and personally prized watch collection, including six rare Rolexes, the police underwent strict investigation and found the sources a few weeks later. While Bloom’s stolen watches were reportedly worth over $328,000, it was Bloom’s personal attachment to his collection that really stirred the police to investigate. Thinking that their targets would be too rich to care about their stolen goods, “The Bling Ring” was too selfish, naïve and money-obsessed to recognize that they were stealing prized and irreplaceable possessions from these celebrities, and not just their wealth.

If you are a watch enthusiast and hardcore collector, then I am sure you can imagine how upsetting it would be to have your prized watches stolen from you no matter how much money you may have. This real life story further proves how irreplaceable luxury watches can be and how each and every rare watch has a story and an owner who cherishes it.

The following is a compilation of the various watches stolen from Orlando Bloom.

Brand Model Serial Number Reference Number Description
Rolex Milgauss 145151 6543 Black bezel, black/brown dial
Rolex Submariner 307441 6538 James Bond crown, black dial and bezel
Rolex Submariner 1076932 5513 Black face, stainless steel bezel, gilt dial
Rolex GMT 696657 1675 GMT pointed crown guard, gilt underline dial, blue/red bezel (a.k.a. Pepsi bezel)
Rolex Explorer 2 Made in 1973 1655 Steve McQueen, large orange hand
Rolex Explorer 1 1732440 1016 1968 engraved on back of watch, black dial, 3-6-9 on dial
Rolex Submariner (Green Bezel) F133041 16610 Stainless steel, green bezel, black dial
IWC Fliegeruhr doppel-chronograph IW378601 3786 Black ceramic case, blue dial, white numbers, split second chronograph
IWC Mk Made in 1940s Mk11 Military steel case, black dial, Arabic numerals, arrow on dial
Bremont ALT1-C N/A ALT1-C Chronograph with silver dial














From the list above, it is clear that Orlando Bloom is a true collector with some rare and special pieces, and not just a rich man with a bunch of watches for show. Therefore, you can understand how disappointing and heartbreaking it would be to have them stolen. Fortunately, since the police caught the robbers, Orlando Bloom’s collection was recovered; however, it is important to note that had Bloom not been so upset by this break in, the robbers could have stolen from more people and gotten away with more. Just goes to show that one should never mess with a true watch’s enthusiast’s collection, as they are truly personal, special and unique.

The following pictures are of Orlando Bloom wearing some of the watches that were stolen (and later returned) from “The Bling Ring” group. These watches are also listed and described in the table above.

Orlando Bloom Wearing his Rolex Milgauss

Orlando Bloom Rolex Milgauss

Orlando Bloom Wearing his Rolex GMT Reference 1675 with Pepsi Bezel

Orlando Bloom Wearing Rolex GMT reference 1675 pepsi bezel

Orlando Bloom Rolex GMT reference 1675 pepsi bezel red/white bezel

Orlando Bloom Wearing his Rolex Explorer II ‘Steve McQueen’ with Orange Hand

Orlando Bloom wearing his Rolex Explorer 2 with the Orange Hand, which is known as the Steve McQueen Rolex

Orlando Bloom Explorer 2 'Steve McQueen'

Orlando Bloom Wearing his Rolex Explorer 1 Reference 1016

Orlando Bloom's Rolex Explorer 1 1732440 1016

Photos Courtesy of RolexBlog.Blogspot.com

Orlando Bloom Wearing IWC Fliegeruhr Doppel-Chronograph Ref. 3786
Orlando Bloom's Fliegeruhr doppel-chronograph
Orlando Bloom's IWC ceramic doppel chronograph
Photos Courtesy of Iwc.com/forum
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