Taking Your Dive Watch Through Fall

Dive watches are undoubtedly the ultimate summer timepiece. They’re performance-ready for annual trips to the beach or nearest body of water. Plus, their sporty aesthetic lends itself to any summer adventure. However, dive watches aren’t just for the summer months. They’re a great type of model to have year-round. As summer winds down and fall is upon us, it’s time to transition your dive watch to a new season.

Closing Out the Summer Season

You’ve put your dive watch to good use this summer. Now, there are things you can do to help preserve your timepiece’s performance at the end of each season. These summer watch care tips are particularly important if you’ve enjoyed time in saltwater. If you haven’t done so after each wear, start by rinsing your watch with fresh water. You could even use a soft bristle toothbrush and mild soap to be sure you wash away any salty residue.

Once your watch is clean like new, it’s a good idea to get your annual water resistance check. We typically recommend that you do this at least once a year. However, if you’re an avid swimmer, diver, surfer, or sailor, it’s important to have your water resistance tested more frequently. Now that you’re heading into the off-season, it’s the perfect time to take care of some regular maintenance.

Models We Love for Fall (or any season)

If you found yourself longing for a new dive watch this summer, don’t wait ‘til next year to fill the void in your collection. Dive watches are, of course, equipped with technical capabilities that make them indispensable tools for divers. However, when it comes to style, dive watches have also proven to be some of the more enduring designs in wristwatch history. This casual, sporty aesthetic may lend itself to the carefree days of summer. Yet, it’s an equally great option for fall whether you’re tackling a home project or watching a football game.

One of our favorite dive watch options is the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950. The Luminor has deep roots in Panerai’s dive watch history. In particular, the Luminor Marina 1950 draws specifically from one of the brand’s original Luminor models that they manufactured exclusively for military forces in the 1950s. For a model with a bit of history and vintage flair, you can’t go wrong with this variation of the Luminor.

When it comes to iconic dive watches, the OMEGA Seamaster certainly makes the list. The brand first created the model in celebration of their 100th anniversary. It’s since become one of the longest continuously manufactured models for OMEGA. In addition to watchmaking history, the Seamaster has also solidified its place in pop culture. In the 1990s, it became the official watch of James Bond. Any model fit for 007 would make a handsome addition to your collection.

Last but not least is IWC’s first venture into the dive watch market: the Aquatimer. The model is a departure from the brand’s typical, dressier aesthetic. It features all the rugged elements you expect with a dive watch. Yet, it maintains that refined quality that’s become a signature of the IWC brand. This particular limited edition variation debuted in 2007 with just 2500 pieces. It features a piece of wood from Jacques-Yves Cousteau research vessel, the Calypso, in the caseback. Inlaid in this beautiful wood is the silhouette of the ship executed in steel. This special model would be the perfect piece to carry you from fall all the way ‘til next summer.

Using Your Dive Watch Year-Round

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean it’s time to retire your dive watch to its case or swap it out for another model. Dive watches make for a great everyday model any season of the year. Plus, there’s always hope for a warm weather vacation in the cooler months. You never know when the opportunity might strike for a beach getaway. Make it a practice of closing out each summer season by cleaning your watch and taking care of regular maintenance. That way, your favorite dive watch will be running in tiptop shape and ready to go whenever you are.

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  • Great looking watch! I often get asked about it, and people often don’t believe that I bought it for such a low price. If anyone has small wrists like me, it has enough notches for me to adjust it to fit snugly on my wrist. The watch face is also a good mid size. Even though I have small wrists, it doesn’t look large on my arm, and I can easily imagine it looking good on someone larger than me. I have owned this watch for several months now, and it keeps time accurately. The leather band looks stylish and doesn’t irritate the skin (I often forget that I’m even wearing it).
    The date tracker is a rotating numerical dial that goes from 1-31. So on months with 30 days you will have to adjust it a day forward after the month is over.
    The seconds hand is a bonus I guess (some watches don’t even have one), but it is quite small. It’s definitely usable, but not great if you want to accurately keep track of seconds.
    Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.