Rolex Sues Melrose for Selling Counterfeits

The LA Times reports that Rolex is suing Melrose Jewelers for selling counterfeit Rolex watches. Melrose claims to be the premier online retailer of luxury watches. Obviously, Rolex has a different opinion, stating that Melrose aims “to confuse and deceive the public” into purchasing counterfeit timepieces marked as authentic.

It’s not the entire watch that’s counterfeit, though. Rolex purchased three watches from Melrose and states that some parts were from entirely different Rolexes, while others were indeed counterfeit. Krishan Agarwal, President of Melrose Jewelers, stated the lawsuit’s allegations were “ridiculous” and countered them by stating, “If you install after-market rims on a Ford Mustang, it doesn’t mean it’s not a Ford Mustang.”

It will be an interesting case to watch, as Rolex is one of the most counterfeited brands in the world.

Despite its big name, Rolex is not unbeatable in court. Just last month, Rolex lost a lawsuit against a small Scottish watchmaker called Rox. Rolex claimed Rox was trying to take advantage of the similar name, but a judge deemed that the visual similarities between the two watches was too small for that to be the case. Rox’s name is a play on words from their specialization in precious stones (rocks).

Rox showed no hint of bitterness toward Rolex, gracefully stating: “We have the greatest respect for Rolex. It’s one of the most prestigious brands in the world and we are pleased that the issue has been resolved.”

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