The Rolex Daytona has a proud history in the Rolex line and remains as timeless now as it was 40 years ago. Dating back to its introduction in 1960’s, the Rolex Daytona (Stainless) model has demonstrated a steady appreciation in price, somewhat surprising based on the dramatic fluctuation of market trends and valuations since the early 1970s, as well as the unpredictable nature of other investment grade collectibles. Such an impressive track record is testament not only to the Daytona’s appeal as a staple in the Rolex line, but also as a model that continues to be considered a classic timepiece with a four-decades-old pedigree.

Beginning with the 1973 retail price of $386 (Inflation adjusted to $2,085), the Stainless Daytona has enjoyed a reputation throughout its lifespan as one of Rolex’s most affordable models. It experienced comparatively modest annual price increases up until 1986. At that point however, in a span of just three years, the Stainless Daytona’s price spiked from $1,175 (1986) to $2,350 (1988), then to $3,250 (1989). Respective inflation adjusted prices of $2,468, $4,675, and $6,192, evidence these were the largest three-year percentage increases in the model’s price history.

Rolex Daytona 116520

Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona 116520

Continuing through the 1990s and 2000s, the Rolex Daytona continued its steady upward trend on the price list, reaching $12,000 by 2012. Despite having crossed the five-figure price threshold, the Stainless Daytona remains the premier intermediate timepiece amongst Rolex models.

The Daytona line was expanded with the introduction of the White Gold (2006) and Pink Gold (2008) models, as prices corresponded with their precious metal refinement. The White Gold Daytona experienced nearly a 50% price appreciation in its first six years, beginning with $25,550 (2006) and surging to $37,450 (2012). Similarly, the Pink Gold Daytona paralleled the pricing of its White Gold sibling with an initial price of $30,700 (2008), $32,050 (2010), $34,700 (2011), and $37,450 (2012).

Rolex Daytona 116519

White Gold Rolex Daytona 116519

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 50th Anniversary edition is another example of the venerable brand embracing pink or rose gold to craft an exquisite timepiece. The Cosmograph made its debut in 1963 and was designed with automobile racing in mind, thanks to its chronograph and tachymetric scale.  Although the watch has been released in a variety of finishes and metal tones, the Cosmograph’s  50th Anniversary version features an Evergold rose finish and is one of the most sought-after watches, commanding prices of upwards of $30,000.

Having now entered its fifth decade, the Rolex Stainless Daytona has literally stood the test of time. Now, with its more lavish brethren in the fold, the Daytona continues to appreciate in price as an exquisite timepiece.

Although we broke down the prices of various Rolex Daytona watches when they were new, used Daytonas can also be valuable! If you’re a Rolex Daytona owner and would like to receive a quote for your watch, submit your information here

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