Real vs. Fake Watch: The Series

Luxury watches are undoubtedly a serious investment. But, there are people out there looking to fool even the most avid watch collector. The advancement of technology has allowed these counterfeiters to up their game and our watchmakers are seeing more sophistication in fakes than ever. These days, counterfeiters are essentially craftsmen and highly believable fake watches are then flooding the market each year. The best thing you can then do, as a consumer, is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.

So, regardless of whether it’s the first time you are buying a luxury timepiece or the tenth, we want to help make sure you don’t get hosed. As a result, we’ve rounded up our “Real vs. Fake” information and video series in one spot for easy access.


How to Tell if a Rolex Daytona is Real


[VIDEO] Real vs. Fake: Breitling Super Avenger


Real vs. Fake: Cartier Ballon Bleu


[VIDEO] Real vs. Fake: Rolex Day-Date


[VIDEO] Real vs. Fake: Rolex Explorer II


[VIDEO] Real vs. Fake: Rolex GMT-Master II


[VIDEO] Real vs. Fake: Rolex Milgauss


[VIDEO] Real vs. Fake: Rolex Sea-Dweller


[VIDEO] Real vs. Fake: Rolex Submariner



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