Introducing Watch Financing With Affirm

Buying a luxury watch online shouldn’t be a scary thing.

Likewise, financing a luxury watch shouldn’t be a risky investment. Which is why Crown & Caliber now offers the option of watch financing through Affirm. What is Affirm? It’s an easy, incredibly transparent credit financing option that allows you to make payments over 3, 6, or 12 months.

Why Should You Opt for Watch Financing?

If you have the available funds to pay up front for a luxury watch, we say go for it. But financing is a reasonable alternative – you can have the watch you want now and pay for it over a set period of time in more manageable installments. So that means you can finance that Rolex watch you’ve had your eye on without putting yourself in debt.

Since we’ve introduced luxury watch financing through Affirm, we’ve gotten a lot of comments comparing the concept of financing a watch to a monthly car payment. And while we feel these commenters have a point, we refer them to this graph:

The price of a Mercedes purchased in 1982 valued over time versus a Rolex watch bought in 1982 valued over time.

Often, we equate buying a new watch to buying a new car – once you take it home, it’s already lost a good bit of its initial value. But the big difference between most cars and watches is that the value of a pre-owned watch doesn’t bottom out at $0. After a few years, the price and depreciation rate of a luxury watch level out and the value remains fairly constant, since mechanical watches do not become obsolete with each new model introduction. For vintage watches, generally you’ll find that the value of the piece can actually increase over the years due to inflation, collector interest, brand reputation, etc.

On the other hand, most cars have a pretty steep rate of depreciation in their value over time, exacerbated by the introduction of new automotive technology almost every single year. There’s a reason people don’t tend to hold on to their cars for a long time – it’s just not a smart return on your initial investment.

But, if you’re not thinking of a watch as a worthy expense, either for yourself or for the next generation, just think of how long a well-made, well cared-for watch will last. When put in perspective, financing an OMEGA watch isn’t that much of an expenditure in the long run, given the years of wear you can get out of it.

Alternately, we’d like to pose this question: When was the last time you inherited a Honda from your grandfather?

So How Does Watch Financing Work?

Affirm prides itself on transparency – no hidden fees or deferred interest payments. It also requires no card information, so your account stays secure as well.

Plus, the application process with Affirm is easy. All you need to do is choose the Affirm option at checkout and go from there. Affirm will ask you to provide your name, birthday, mobile phone number, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number – instantly, Affirm will be able to tell you if you’re approved for financing and at what rate.

The best part is that if you decide you don’t want to finance your luxury watch after all, you can go back to the Crown & Caliber checkout page and select another payment option.


Ready to try out our financing program? Start shopping now.

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