How To Travel With Your Watches

How To Travel With Your Watches

Our Director of Insurance offers useful tips for the vacationing watch lover.

We all have a favorite piece we like to travel with. Whether it’s a beloved heirloom or a gift from a spouse, HODINKEE Insurance is here to give you some tips on how to keep your watches safe while you’re traveling. Here are a few suggestions from your watch Insurance experts:

  • Update your policy. Make sure that the insurance policy covering your watches is up-to-date with the watches you’re going to travel with and includes the most appropriate values.
  • Locate your documents. It’s a good idea to keep a file – physical or digital – of your receipts, appraisals, or any other documents that, in the event of a loss, would help to prove ownership.
  • Choose wisely. Picking a watch that will fly under the radar is a suggestion of many here at HODINKEE who have designated “travel watches.”
  • Pack them well and keep them close. We don’t recommend traveling with multiple watches, but if you do, consider a locked carrying case. Protect each piece in a watch travel case or roll to prevent wear and tear – like something from the Shop. Remember, ALWAYS keep your watches with you, in your carry-on and NEVER in your checked luggage.
  • Many here at HODINKEE put a small GPS tracker inside their watch cases for some extra peace of mind on the off-chance you and your bags do become separated. Upon arrival at your destination.
  • Store them safely. Never leave your watches unattended. If you’re waiting for a hotel room to be ready, keep the bag with you at all times. Store your items in the hotel’s main safe rather than the in-room safe, which provides minimal protection.
  • Avoid the water. While you may love the pool or beach, your watches might not. Remember, not all dive watches are created equally with newer models having higher water resistance than vintage pieces. Swimming or applying sunscreen could damage your piece. Chemicals in swimming pools, like chlorine and ammonia, can pit and discolor gold-alloys, as well.

Finally, when you’re back home:

  • Spot check. Make sure all your watches made their way back home safely.
  • Put them back where they belong. If you have a home safe, put them back inside for safekeeping. If you use a bank vault, plan a visit for the next business day.

There’s not much we can do about a long security-check line or getting stuck in the middle seat, but hopefully these tips will help give some peace of mind when traveling with your timepieces.

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