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Ewan McGregor is one of few actors who successfully made the leap from art house and indie projects to mainstream film and TV. Yet, even after receiving global

Celebrities play an important role in the watch industry. Whether they’re in character or off screen, we can’t help but notice the watches they wear. Brands know the

The Origin of Rolex and the British Open Rolex has an established partnership with the sport of golf spanning more than five decades. One of their longest-standing relationships has

Tom Hanks epitomizes the all-American man both on and off-screen. From his box office debut as Allen Bauer in Splash to his more recent portrayal of pilot Chesley

Athleticism runs in Jordan Spieth’s blood. Both of his parents are former college basketball players, and Spieth showed a breadth of skill at a young age. Growing up,

Earlier this month, one of the most significant global sporting events kicked off in Russia: the 2018 World Cup. Many of the top soccer players spend their careers

Randy Johnson is arguably one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. Over the span of his twenty-two seasons in Major League Baseball, he won an impressive five

President Harry Truman In the midst of WWII, Harry Truman stepped in as the 33rd president of the United States when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt suddenly passed away. In

Miles Davis: The Early Years Jazz as we know it would not be quite the same without the indispensable impact of Miles Davis. He was not only one of

Walt Disney: The Early Years The name Walt Disney is synonymous with innovation, creativity, and nostalgia. Disney’s legacy is multifaceted, from theme parks and products to films and Broadway

Albert Einstein: The Early Years Albert Einstein passed away over half a century ago. However, he’s still one of the most highly regarded and celebrated scientists of the 20th

Buzz Aldrin: The Early Years Buzz Aldrin, the first lunar landing, and the timepiece he wore while taking those history-making steps are what gave birth to the Moonwatch, also