Inside The World Of Perlon Straps

Inside The World Of Perlon Straps

The Logan Perlon strap collection will help you bask in the sun this spring and summer.

Originally published by Caleb Anderson on HODINKEE, August 9th 2021


While it might be March now, days filled with sunshine, light, and leisure are on the way.

The Logan Perlon Strap In Spruce, Cobalt, and Frost

With this said, and with so much time coming to bask in the sun, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our catalogue of straps in the HODINKEE Shop, the Logan Perlon Strap. The launch includes ten new colorways and is our unique take on the classic nylon style.

It’s a strap we have been working on for quite some time, with all the quality you expect, and one we have a feeling you won’t regret adding to your own rotation to refresh your favorite timepiece.


What Is A Perlon Strap?

The perlon strap is, arguably, one of the watch world’s best kept secrets, and one that, unsurprisingly, becomes better-known with each passing year.

First developed in Germany in the mid-1950s, perlon is known for its unique cross-weave pattern and single pass construction. Often compared to a hybrid between a nylon-constructed NATO and a steel mesh Milanese, perlon features an uncommon style that is as aesthetically appealing as it is functionally useful.

The Logan Perlon Strap In Flame

As compared to a familiar NATO-style strap, perlon is also produced of nylon and features a single-piece construction, making it an excellent option for sportier wear and helping secure a watch to the wrist even if a spring bar slips or is broken in the field. But where a NATO is bulky, and prone to fraying over long-term wear as a result of its thick traditional construction, perlon is thin and highly durable as a result of its signature cross-weave.

A good example of why this matters can be found at the beach. Where a wet and sandy NATO strap is more or less a rash waiting to happen, perlon will dry in no time and is easier to rinse, making it on-par in functionality to rubber and metal options, with the distinct advantage of it featuring a lightweight, single-pass nylon construction. Additionally, this same cross-weave design also gives perlon one of its best features, super-fine micro-adjustment, which allows the strap an unmatched ability to be sized exactly how you want it.


The result is a strap that is incredibly strong, highly breathable, virtually fray-proof, and minimizes excess thickness on the wrist. This ease of wear makes perlon a great choice for both sporty watches, ready for any manner of summertime fun, as well as for more formal pieces that you might be looking to add just a touch of playful intrigue to.

What’s So Special About The Logan Perlon Strap?

When it comes to choosing a strap, the choice is, as with any other article of clothing, accessory, or watch, a matter of personal preference. Yet with so many choices, perlon, and more specifically our Logan Perlon, has some unique advantages. While there are other perlon straps on the market, the Logan Perlon Strap is differentiated from the standard offerings available, through its superior pliability, strength, and ease of adjustment, all of which make it an ideal and novel option for almost any watch.

The Logan Perlon Strap In Charcoal, Marigold, and Khaki

A lot of what makes our new straps so special comes down to the nylon we source for their construction. Drawn from some of the best weavers in Europe, these are the same craftsmen who supply nylon weaves for construction trades and climbing harnesses, as well as seat belts for automobiles and planes.

These weavers have a distinguished history in producing some of the best nylon around, and when this knowledge is applied to the unique perlon style, the result is a quality of strap that is frankly unmatched for its cost. The new Logan Perlon is one of the most pliable strap options available, and one notably ready for any watch and type of wear you have in mind.

Ten Colors For Every Warm-Weather Mood

For our initial launch of the Logan Perlon Strap, we are happy to include a diverse range of color options that will appeal to every warm-weather mood. Whether that be in a bright flash of color for a day at the beach, or a more neutral choice for a quieter evening around the fire, the new array includes a great choice (or two, or three) for each summery moment.

The Logan Perlon Strap In Marigold

Of the more colorful options, there is the deep Cobalt blue with its royal hue, the verdant Spruce recalls green pines and all-day hikes, the hot Flame adds just a touch more than a pop of red, and the sweet Marigold providing a familiar dash of orange-yellow. Each of these four shades easily liven up the wrist, introducing an element of summertime fun to even the most serious of timepieces.


We are also introducing a series of neutral tones in this style, with six casual color choices, each geared with the same versatility that perlon straps are known for. Leading the group is the light-hued Birch, with the darker-toned Khaki and deep Hickory, both also providing a classic touch of brown to the wrist and recalling traditional leather tones in the novel style. Behind these, the dark black Obsidian adds a straightforward, no-nonsense canvas for essentially any timepiece, while the bright Frost offers more of the same in a pre-Labor Day white. Finally, a deep Indigo rounds out the offerings, its darkened shades adding a subtle nod of blue charm to any watch.

Explore Our Full Selection Of Straps In The HODINKEE Shop

Since the launch of our first straps in the earliest days of the HODINKEE Shop, we have always been proud of the incredible quality, style, and diverse range of offerings we have been able to provide enthusiasts looking to revitalize their watch collections. With the launch of the Logan Perlon Strap, this trend continues with new options presenting an unmatched warm-weather aesthetic to give your favorite watch a new look and feel.

The Logan Perlon Strap In Charcoal

The Logan Perlon Strap is a versatile, breathable, and fashionable option to revitalize your watch collection for the rest of summer and beyond, a proposition made even more appealing in them being one of our most accessible strap options available at just $20 each.

Check out all ten colors now, only in the HODINKEE Shop.

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