How to Wear a Woman’s Watch

With women’s watches, there are many different ways that one can wear it. Some women are devoted watch enthusiasts and will wear a luxury watch for its historical significance. Other women will wear the watch because it is the trendy style at the time. No matter the reason, women have the chance to wear luxury watches in all different ways.

There are many different types of watches that a woman can wear. Stainless steel watches have a sleek look that would look great with any outfit. Rose gold is a trend that has drastically grown in popularity and more and more women are buying watches of rose gold. While not nearly as popular for women, rubber straps are always an option, especially for the active watch wearer.

Some women are interested in finding the perfect watch and keeping it for the rest of their life. They will wear it with both dress clothes and casual clothes. When choosing which watch to purchase, they look for a brand that has a long and successful history. They also are concerned with quality. If they plan to keep the watch for several decades and are going to wear it every day, it is important that they find a watch that will last. For the woman that wants to wear an understated watch from a watch brand that has a long, successful history in watchmaking, here are a couple watches to wear:

Rolex Datejust

With a diameter of 31mm, this petite watch fits nicely on a female’s slender wrist. It doesn’t overpower the wrist and does not demand attention. This watch shows that the female values quality.

Rolex Datejust

Image from Rolex.


OMEGA Constellation

The sleek, simple elegance of the OMEGA Constellation make it another great choice for females. Originally introduced in 1952, this line of watches have a long history. They are easily identified by the “Griffes” or claws.


OMEGA Constellation

Image from OMEGA.


Cartier Tank Francaise

The Cartier Tank Francaise is another great watch that women looking for a classic watch can wear. This watch offer a modern design on a watch from a classic brand. The elegance and simplicity of this watch is perfect for the woman looking for a traditional watch.


Cartier Tank

Image from Cartier.


For the women who are wearing a watch for fashion purposes, they may want to have many different watches for every occasion or every different outfit. There are many fashion watches that would be perfect for these women. Here are just a few:

Chanel J12

Chanel J12

















Christian Dior Christal

Christian Dior Christal


















Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular is ladies wearing men’s watches. Typically, a lady’s watch is 42mm or smaller. However, some women are choosing to wear the larger watches because they make more of a statement and can be worn as jewelry. Watch brands are beginning to pick up on the trend that women are being drawn toward larger wrist watches and introducing watches that fit this trend. In the past, a majority of the watches for women were described as “blingy” with diamonds and sparkles all over the case and dial. With many women following this new trend of wearing larger, more sporty and masculine watches, many luxury watch brands are taking note.

One brand that has picked up on this new trend is Hublot. In early 2013, Hublot introduced its Hublot “Big Bang Jeans” line of watches for women. Instead of the typical women’s watch that was covered in crystals, these watches are larger and sturdier. Its diameter is a sturdy 41mm and has an 18kt white gold case.

 Hublot Big Bang Jeans


Several female celebrities are leading the way in this trend. One celebrity who even went so far as to have a brand create her a customized oversized watch is model Heidi Klum. Klum has been spotted wearing a Panerai Radiomir watch that is 40mm in size, which is on the larger side of the typical range for women’s watches.

 Heidi Klum Wearing Panerai

She also had a Panerai watch custom made for her wrist. It is covered in diamonds and is 44mm in diameter.


Klum Customized Panerai

Getty Images


Jennifer Aniston is another female celebrity that is often seen wearing a larger watch. Her typical watch of choice, an 18kt gold Rolex President watch, appears to be at least 40mm in diameter, which is at the top of the range of a typical female watch.


Aniston Wearing Rolex

Gettu Images.


There are many acceptable ways for females to wear a luxury watch. Whether it is for fashion purpose or for the love of the watch brand, there is no doubt that the female watch market is certainly growing. Another growing trend to keep an eye out for as well is vintage watch styles for women.

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