Green With Envy: Saint Patrick’s Day Watches

Saint Patrick’s Day Watches – Our Green Picks

This weekend, many of us will be flocking to our local watering holes, seeking an authentic, hearty meal of corned beef and cabbage chased by a cold pint of green beer. Yes, Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us. It’s a day that gives us an excuse to festively deck out from head to toe in every green article of clothing and accessory from our wardrobe. So, naturally, we got to thinking about green watches. In 2017, we noticed several brands gravitating toward the emerald hue. We’ve also seen green become a staple of some special edition watches and military timepieces over the years. It may not be the most popular accent color for timepieces, but green certainly has its place on our wrists, particularly at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Rolex Submariner

Saint Patrick's Day - Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is a model that’s received a special addition of the color green over the years. Although the brand tends to stick to a more conservative and classic style, Rolex can still surprise us every so often with a bolder design. One of the first instances was back in 2003, when the brand celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic Submariner. To commemorate the occasion, Rolex released the Ref. 16610V (also sometimes listed as the Ref. 16610LV). The model became known as “The Kermit” for its eye-catching bright green bezel, contrasted by a classic black dial. The production of The Kermit ended seven years later in 2010, when the brand released yet another green model: the Ref. 116610LV. In addition to a green bezel, the new model, dubbed “The Hulk,” also features a matching green dial. Since then, the color green has become synonymous with some of Rolex’s most unique and special pieces.

Breitling Chronospace Blacksteel Limited

Saint Patrick's Day - Breitling

While some green watches showcase a bold and bright emerald green, others feature a more subdued variation of the hue. You’ll find olive green used in a number of military watches for optimal stealth. One example of this is the Breitling Chronospace Blacksteel Limited. They released the model in 2014 adding to the brand’s longstanding reputation of producing rugged sport watches, optimized for military forces and avid adventurers. It features a deep, army-green dial, quartz movement, and ultra-durable PVD coated bezel, case, and bracelet. Plus, its robust 48mm case makes it tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions. The Ref. M7836522 was produced in a limited quantity of 1000 pieces, making it a particularly special version of the model.

Rolex Datejust

Saint Patrick's Day - Datejust

The Datejust is another model that comes with option of Rolex’s unique green dial. If you’re a fan of the emerald hue, there are a wide array of Datejust models that offer a green dial. One example is the Ref. 16014. This modestly sized 36mm variation of the brand’s classic model showcases a handsome fluted bezel and a combination of both white gold and stainless steel.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow Celsius

Saint Patrick's Day - Graham


The Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow Celsius is the ultimate military timepiece. It not only showcases the rugged army green hue but also features a camouflage pattern dial. In addition, the model features a massive 47mm case and is PVD coated for optimal durability. The jungle green camo dial and matching jungle green rubber strap contrast against a pure black ceramic bezel, giving this watch the ultimate tough-guy appearance. Although this watch certainly has an attention-grabbing appearance, it seamlessly combines form and function, boasting an impressive 48-hour power reserve.

Rolex Milgauss

Saint Patrick's Day - Milgauss

The Milgauss may not be Rolex’s most universally popular model, but it’s certainly one of the brand’s most unique offerings. One of the most notable variations of the model is the distinctive anniversary edition Ref. 116400GV. The “GV” specifically stands for “glass verte,” referring to the green sapphire glass nestled between the stark black dial and polished stainless steel bezel. In addition to the green glass accent, you’ll also find another pop of green once you take this model in the dark. Its hands and hour markers are each treated with a glowing green lume for optimal visibility at nighttime. If you’re not ready to take the bold leap of sporting an all-green dial or bezel but are still looking for a watch with a more subtle green accent, this variation of the classic Milgauss might just be the perfect watch for you.

Bremont Martin Baker Ejection Seat MBII/GN

Saint Patrick's Day - Bremont MBII

The Bremont Martin Baker Ejection Seat MBII/GN is a truly one-of-a-kind watch. Martin Baker is an aviation company who supplies 70% of the world’s air forces with fighter ejection seat technology. In 2007, they approached Bremont to collaboratively create the ultimate aviator’s watch. Through the design process, the watch had to undergo the same rigorous tests as the ejection seats. The result was the Bremont MBI. This limited edition model is available only to pilots who have ejected from an aircraft using a Martin Baker seat. Soon after, the brands decided to develop two variations of the model to be made available to the public: the MBII and the MBIII. The MBII features a deep green aluminum barrel for just a subtle pop of color.

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun

Saint Patrick's Day - IWC Big Pilot

The Big Pilot has become a staple for the IWC brand since its release in 2002. Just ten years after its inception, the brand debuted the Ref. 5019 as part of the Top Gun collection of watches. Later, IWC introduced a slight variation of the model with the Ref. 5019-03. This version features a black dial with contrasting bright green details on the face, from the hour markers to the hands. Each of these details is also coated in lume for optimal legibility day or night. However, this rugged model isn’t all looks. In addition to its handsome appearance, it also comes equipped with features like a whopping 7-day power reserve. With the IWC Big Pilot Top Gun, form truly meets function.

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