Four of Our Favorite Watches from Nomos

Some of the world’s most popular and well-known watch brands in the world reside in Switzerland, a country whose history is rich with watchmaking. That concentration of watchmaking genius is a truly special thing, but the Swiss are hardly the only Europeans making incredible timepieces. A few hundred miles to the north, a German brand has been making waves in the horological world since 1992.


Nomos is a unique brand, whose watches feature a minimalist style that are minimalist and clean, with strong Bauhaus influences. The company has expanded its focus over the years, and now makes everything from water-ready timepieces to crisp dress watches. Because Nomos doesn’t have the decades of history or the blockbuster “one watch” that many of its Swiss competitors do, the company’s watches are especially affordable on the second-hand market. Making Nomos even more desirable is the fact that its watches are truly unique. They also feature some of the most distinct styling of any timepieces on the market today.


We’ve rounded up four of our favorite Nomos models here, so let’s dive in and take a look at what makes them tick.


Nomos Tangente


It’ll be almost impossible to find a watch that more accurately represents Nomos’ design philosophy than the Tangente. The watch is simple and brings the Bauhaus style along with true class and a comfortable case style. It’s made in a few different versions that include both hand-wound and automatic versions – designated by the “neomatik” text on the dial. No matter which movement you choose, you’re getting a truly stunning timepiece.


Nomos makes the Tangente with a few different dial colors as well, including silver, blue, and white, each with its own distinct personality. The white and silver models, for instance, have stunning blue hand.  Meanwhile the blue dial comes with a flash of orange on its seconds hand.


Nomos Club Automatic Date

If you need a date and robust water resistance, the Club Automatic Date is your Nomos. As with other watches from the brand, it’s sold with a few different dial colors that include a deep navy blue, white, and a bright sky-blue. Beyond that, the Club Automatic Date is a beefier watch from Nomos that features short, stout lugs and an extremely comfortable 41.5mm case diameter that makes it wearable on a huge variety of wrist sizes.


The Club Automatic Date is also one of the more mainstream Nomos watches, at least from an appearance standpoint. It features thick lugs that are cropped shorter to the watch case for a sturdier appearance. While a date window at six o’clock adds everyday usability.



Nomos Ahoi

Nomos Ahoi

Like the Tangente, the Ahoi is an exercise in classic Nomos design from top to bottom. Its dial features the same overall aesthetic as the Tangente, with a small seconds sub-dial, but the numerals are taller and more open than on the Tangente. Further, Nomos isn’t shy about the Ahoi’s water-tightness and ability to withstand depths of up to 200m. The case also features prominent crown guards that protect against impacts and shocks to the crown and stem. This makes the watch more practical as an everyday-wear.


With a 40.3mm diameter case, the Ahoi is a bit larger than many Nomos models, but at just 10.5mm thick, it’s perfectly capable of handling desk duty at the office. It comes in dial two colors, which include a deep blue “Atlantic” and a white dial with silver plating. Both colors feature brilliant contrasting metals on the hands for better legibility and strong lume for underwater work.

Club Sport Neomatik Date

club sport

Where tuxedos meet wetsuits, you’ll find the club Sport Neomatik Date. Its robust water resistance of 300m/1000ft matches the Rolex Submariner – a legendary dive watch – and establishes this as the Nomos watch for a life lived on the water. The Club Sport is also one of the few Nomos watches that are offered on a bracelet. However, it’s funky in a way that only the German company can pull off.


Nomos currently offers the Club Sport Neomatik Date only with a black dial, but there’s a stunning depth to the dial color that shifts with the light, from a deep black to a sunburst grey. The addition of a date window at 3 o’clock greatly improves the watch’s utility. Plus a modern, but wearable, 42mm case makes for a watch that is suitable for work or play.

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