With certain watches, you don’t even bother to look at the price tag. They lure you in with an intoxicating dial color, a captivating complication, or a purely enchanting movement through the caseback. Sometimes, a watch just calls to you and resonates with you on an inexplicable level. It reminds you of a watch your grandfather might have worn. It helps you envision the man you strive to be. These watches are less about a monetary investment and more about an investment of heart. It’s hard to explain why we have such a deep and visceral response to a certain watch. However, when we do, it’s worth the splurge.

Navitimer World Limited Edition

The Navitimer becomes the ultimate pilot’s watch with the addition of a dual time zone indicator in the Navitimer World. The model maintains all the charm of Breitling’s classic Navitimer with additional functionality for the world traveler. Despite the sportiness that comes from the pilot watch’s design, this limited edition variation incorporates cues from the dress watch. The 18-karat rose gold and easy-to-grip bezel becomes the perfect frame for the iconic Navitimer dial. Coupled with a complimentary 18-karat rose gold case, this watch epitomizes the marriage of form and function.

Bentley GT Limited Edition

Ultimate sophistication and attention to detail is the result of every model created in partnership with the iconic Bentley Motors. Designed in celebration of the luxury car manufacturer’s Continental GT, the Breitling Bentley GT Limited Edition is sporty yet refined. The model integrates many of the classic design cues in the collection with some added upgrades. As opposed to typical stainless steel, the Bentley GT Limited Edition features an 18-karat white gold bracelet, bezel, and case. Inside, you’ll find Breitling’s own Caliber 13 self-winding mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

Emergency Night Mission

When it comes to functionality, there’s really no other watch that compares to the Breitling Emergency. In the brand’s true spirit of adventure, they’ve created a model that can literally save your life no matter deep you trek into the wilderness. With the Night Mission edition, they add in a little something for the eyes as well. The Emergency gets a modern, black PVD coated titanium case construction along with a striking black dial. The design further adds to the functionality. The lightweight titanium creates a rather easy wearability despite the model’s monstrous 51mm proportions.

Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph

The Navitimer with a twist – that’s what you’ll find in the Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph. The traditional Navitimer, while highly functional and handsome in its own right, is a quite busy watch. Without knowing exactly how to read and operate it, the model can be overwhelming, if nothing else aesthetically. Enter the clean, crisp lines of the Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph. At 46mm, it’s large, legible, and still distinctly a pilot’s watch – just maybe not the one you’re used to from Breitling, and maybe that’s a good thing. No, this may not be the watch for an amateur or professional pilot. However, it might just be the perfect watch for the guy who likes to daydream he’s in the cockpit or at least 10,000 feet in the clouds.

Chronoliner Red Gold Limited Edition

Indisputably masculine with the refinement of deep, red gold: this is the Breitling Chronoliner Red Gold Limited Edition. Produced in just 250 pieces, this watch perfectly blends a rugged aesthetic with the refinement of precious metals. The design draws inspiration from models past with a distinctive 1950s and 60s vibe. Yet, it’s equally modern with a rich, black ceramic bezel, rubber strap, and oversized 46mm construction. For the technically inclined, the Chronoliner Red Gold Limited Edition offers three time zones and a chronograph function. Each function has its place in a tricompax arrangement, creating perfect harmony on the dial.

Cosmonaut Carpenter Limited Edition

Sometimes, the beauty of a watch is far more than skin deep. A rich history only adds to the allure of a model. Breitling created the Cosmonaut Carpenter Limited Edition in honor of astronaut Scott Carpenter. During Carpenter’s Earth orbit in the Aurora 7 capsule, he wore none other than a Breitling chronograph. In celebration of the first wrist chronograph in space, the brand created this commemorative, limited edition model. Using the Navitimer as the foundation, Breitling designed a historically significant and handsome watch. It features an 18-karat rose gold bezel and case construction. Inside, you’ll find the brand’s in-house Caliber B02 self-winding mechanical movement with a 70-hour power reserve.


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