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The Avengers

Last week, the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War, smashed box office records for an opening weekend. The reviews are in, and critics are raving this may just be the most intense and complex film in the franchise. If you’re a fan of series like the Avengers comics or the Star Wars films, you may remember when we geeked-out last winter upon the release of The Last Jedi and speculated what timepieces classic Star Wars characters might wear. Well, we’re at it again, but this time, we’re contemplating which watches our favorite superheroes from the Avengers would sport while saving the universe.


Captain America

Captain America may be ultra-tough when using his invincible shield in battle. However, under the surface, he can have a more tender and sentimental side. That’s why we think he’d choose the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer. The design takes inspiration from the Marine Chronometers that the brand manufactured during the Second World War. As a former Super Soldier and WWII veteran, we know Captain America would appreciate this model’s rich history.

Iron Man

Whether he’s mingling with the who’s who at a ritzy event or stepping into his armored suit, Iron Man could use a sharp timepiece on his wrist. With his love of gadgets and looking suave, we think he’d enjoy wearing the unique Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Chronographe. Its design perfectly blends technical appeal and classic looks, culminating in a distinctive watch fit for a superhero.

Dr. Strange

As a renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Strange once relied on science and the principles of Western medicine to guide him. After his crippling car accident, he turned the mystic arts, magic, and alternative methods of healing. As a man who’s in touch with unearthly powers, we think Dr. Strange would wear the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Moon. This slick, classy timepiece was made for a powerful man making powerful moves, and one who appreciates staying in tune with cosmic forces.


Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Bruce Banner’s conservative personality completely transforms when he turns into the Hulk. Thankfully, there’s one watch to perfectly accommodate both of his personas. For Bruce Banner, the classic, steadfast Rolex Submariner would make the perfect companion while traveling to remote corners of the world to help the poor and cure the sick. When he becomes the Hulk, all he needs to do is swap out his traditional black dial for his namesake Rolex Submariner “Hulk” with an aptly colored green bezel and dial. However, he may need to upgrade to a bigger bracelet.

Black Panther

T’Challa was thrust into the position of Black Panther following his father’s untimely death in a bombing attack. Although he spent most of his life training to take his father’s place, the duty fell on him early, and despite his young nature, his highly active mind was ahead of his time. That’s precisely why we think he’d select the Rolex Day-Date. First released in 1955, it boasted many features that were cutting-edge, like its movement and day and date discs.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury is the type of man who has always carved his own path. Even during his days working under military direction, he followed his own gut intuition. Never wanting to conform to imposed standards, we think Fury would choose a watch like the Omega Speedmaster X-33. This polarizing variation of the Speedmaster has a futuristic design. Many devout fans of the original rejected this model, but we think Fury would love it.

Black Widow

As one of the only civilian members of the Avengers, Black Widow is well-versed in the world of weapons and tools to help her take on enemy forces. Even more so than any of her superhero counterparts, Black Widow would certainly need and appreciate a highly functional and efficient timepiece, like the IWC Big Pilot Top Gun. This model’s features a stealthy black design with luminosity. This makes it optimal visibility day or night would be the perfect addition to her wheelhouse of gadgets.


From tracking his enemies to flying between his home on Asgard and Earth, Thor would certainly appreciate a solid and powerful timekeeping device. The Breitling Galactic 41 is a pilot’s watch with unparalleled precision. Plus, it features a design that’s classy, yet sporty. We think it would perfectly complement Thor’s handsome looks and faithful hammer.

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  • FoForgive me if I’m wrong but I believe Dr. Stephen strange “is” wearing a JLC Master ultra thin moon just before he gets into the car accident.

    • Hi! You are correct. That is why we picked this watch.

  • Green dial is love. The best compared to all. well, i’m talking about the rolex hulk. i wonder how much would it cost here in india.