A Quick Update On Crown & Caliber + HODINKEE

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A little over two months ago, Crown & Caliber founder Hamilton Powell published a letter announcing that Crown & Caliber was acquired by HODINKEE, ​the New York-based watch industry leader.

While things may have seemed like business as usual since then, we’ve been hard at work with our new colleagues to figure out what’s next for our combined companies. And if you frequent the HODINKEE Shop, you may have even noticed a new section that’s dedicated solely to pre-owned timepieces and that’s – so far – been updated on a bi-weekly basis. That’s just the first step, to be clear. So we hope that this brief update will provide some clarity on what we’ve done so far in our partnership with HODINKEE, and what you can expect to see from us in the near future.

HODINKEE Shop Gift Cards – Now Available

This is the most exciting update we have to share with you today. It’s where the added value of our new relationship with HODINKEE really becomes clear. We’re proud to announce that when you now sell a watch to us, you have the option to select a gift card that can be exclusively redeemed at the HODINKEE Shop.

That’s all well and good, but here’s the kicker – when you choose a HODINKEE shop gift card, the total offer will have an increased value above and beyond the typical cash offer and the Crown & Caliber credit offer. The gift card can be used on all new watches, including HODINKEE-exclusive Limited Edition releases, as well as our extensive collection of watch straps, accessories, books, and more. The only items in the HODINKEE Shop that are excluded? Products from the Photography and Technology & Audio sections.

Just how much of an increase in value will your watch receive? See for yourself – we’ll give you a quote right here.

Content, Content, Content

Our friends at HODINKEE know how to tell stories. Whether it’s about watches, about the art of collecting, or about individual watch enthusiasts themselves, HODINKEE has established itself as the industry leader in content production. It’s one reason we’re so excited about our new partnership with them. 

We’re all one team at the end of the day, which is why we’re going to act like it by sharing our content among our collective channels. Combined, Crown & Caliber and HODINKEE have an archive that stretches over two decades – that’s pretty impressive. And we want to share that content with you. We’ll start by resurfacing some of the HODINKEE Shop’s greatest hits right here on our Unwound blog. Stay tuned for more to come.

A Selection Of Watches You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Ever since Hamilton announced the news back in February, you’ve been able to find a curated selection of pre-owned watches in the HODINKEE Shop. These are watches that – in partnership with HODINKEE – we’ve scrutinized, serviced, photographed, and sourced from their owners around the world to bring to you. 

So if you want to sell one of your watches, know that we’re more than open for business – receive your instant quote right here.

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