Watch Favorites for the Most Important Men in Your Life

Maybe he was there when you scored your first hole in one. Maybe he taught you how to drive a stick shift. Or maybe he gave you your first watch. Brother, dad, grandpa – there are so many important guys in your life. Every holiday season, you want to celebrate them. A watch is a gift that never goes out of style. It keeps on giving for years or even generations to come. It’s personal, thoughtful, and functional. A watch is a keepsake any man on your shopping list can use and enjoy each day of the year. No matter which special fellow you still need a gift for, we have you covered. Here’s some watch inspiration for the top ten men in your life.


Your grandpa always appreciates something with a bit of history. Likewise, Patek Philippe’s roots date back over 175 years. In 1839, two Polish immigrants set up a workshop in Switzerland. They traveled around the world, from Paris to New York City and beyond, building a business from the ground up. Today, they’re one of the oldest and most successful watch companies, producing truly timeless models like the Calatrava. Not only will your grandpa be impressed with your knowledge of the brand’s heritage, he’ll also admire your eye for a sleek timepiece.


No matter if he has a collection or is yet to own his first model, dad can’t resist a Rolex. The brand is just as powerful and dependable as he is. Dad is sure to love any Rolex model you choose, but we’re particularly partial to the GMT Master II. We think it’s the perfect watch for dad. Next time he’s taking a vacation or business trip, he’ll always think of you when he looks at his wrist.


Whether you’re newly married or you’ve been part of the family for decades, you’ll always try to impress your father-in-law. A watch is the perfect gift to do just that. If he’s a military buff or simply appreciates a fine timepiece, he’ll love the IWC Pilot Mark XVI. The history of this model dates back to WWII, and its classic design is time tested.


Your husband puts you on a pedestal every day of the year. Now, it’s the holiday season, and it’s time to give back to him. What better way to show your love than with a new timepiece. The Cartier Drive is a unique watch for your extraordinary partner. It’s a relatively new model for the brand, first debuting in 2016. Yet, its design draws inspiration from vintage automobiles. It’s handsome, refined, and ultra-masculine for the number one man in your life.


You’re engaged to the love of your life. This year, you can’t wait to spend your first holiday season with your fiancé. You know you need to give him something extra special to celebrate your lives together. There’s no better gift for your husband-to-be than a watch. The Omega Speedmaster is an exceptional model to start or grow his collection. Additionally, it holds an important place in the history of horology and our culture. This season, it can hold a special place in you and your fiancé’s new life too.


Whether it’s your first holiday together or you’ve been dating for years, it’s important to get your boyfriend something spectacular. A watch is an amazing way to show him just how much your relationship means to you. We think Nomos is a new, up and coming brand he’ll appreciate. They established just a decade before the new millennium in 1990. Yet, they’re rooted in one of the most historically significant watching cities in the world, Glashütte. The Club is a particularly awesome model that’s youthful and sporty.


He’s the apple of your eye and the legacy of your family name. Every year, you want to your son to have at least one gift he can pass on to future generations. There’s no better gift to keep in the family than a watch. A Panerai is a great choice for any guy who appreciates history and style. The Luminor 8 Days GMT makes a nice gift whether your son travels for business or simply back to college.


Maybe he’s new to the family or maybe he’s just like one of your own. Either way, you always want your son-in-law to know how much you love him. Therefore, a watch is an excellent way to show him how much you care. The TAG Heuer Monaco is a unique model to start or grow his collection. Its distinctive square case design is one-of-a-kind, just like your son-in-law.


Your brother has stood by your side through thick and thin. You’ve celebrated so many milestones together. When the holidays come around, you want to honor that special love you share. This season, commemorate your sibling bond with a Breitling. The Navitimer is an equally handsome and sporty model. A true icon among pilot’s watches is sure to let your brother know how important he is to you.

Best Friend

He’s your go-to guy when you need a fishing buddy or a beer after a tough day at the office. Above all, your best friend has been with you through every moment, from college graduation to the birth of your first kid. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate a friendship that’s withstood the test of time. We think your best friend would love the Tudor Heritage Ranger. This vintage tribute is an awesome way to pay tribute to your best pal.


Every Man

Maybe he has an impressive watch collection he loves to take with him wherever he goes. Instead of giving him a new model, opt for something different this year. Give him a handsome way to carry his watches whether he travels for business or pleasure. Wolf designed the 8 Piece Travel Watch Case exclusively for Crown & Caliber. This modern alternative to the traditional watch box doesn’t just hold eight watches. It features extra storage compartments for bands and other accessories as well.

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