2017 Roundup – Unwound’s Look Back

2017 was a newsworthy year in the world of watches. Paul Newman’s Daytona fetched the highest price of any wristwatch at auction in history. The Richemont group was sold to CVC Capital Partners for a hefty sum and Zenith got a new CEO. Lady Gaga became a brand ambassador for Tudor while Rolex replaced Hublot as the official timekeepers of Formula 1. All of this doesn’t even scratch the watch news surface. In the end, 2017 saw a lot of shake ups across the brands, setting the stage for an interesting 2018.

This year at Crown & Caliber we didn’t see too many shake-ups, but did see fakes that were more convincing than ever. We also had a ton of watches cross our benches that gave the whole team a little watch envy.

A watchmaker at his bench

As we look forward to 2018, we wanted to take a quick look back at some of the most popular content on Unwound in 2017.

For the watch newbies we showed you “How to Wear a Watch.” This took you through the proper wrist placement, cuffs, and a general when to wear your watch style.

To those who wanted to break into watches, we rounded up some of our favorite watches under $5,000. There were some good starter watches in this collection as well as a few timepieces worth saving a little longer for.

Pilot Watches: Bell & Ross

In our Real Vs. Fakes, we looked closely at a Cartier Ballon Bleu. We compared the two side-by-side, showing the differences. Some of these were aesthetic and some were functional differences. Either way, this was a fairly convincing fake.

We continued our Profiles in Time Series looking at Johnny Cash. This iconic American country singer exuded cool, and so did the watch on his wrist.

A Rolex Submariner

Lastly, we began a series of side-by- side comparisons of models and brands. In the Rolex Sea-Dweller vs. Submariner we looked at two of the most famous watches from Rolex and how their similarities and differences.

In the watch world, 2017 did not disappoint. So, here is hoping for a great 2018, with record-setting auctions, great watch stories, and a few grail timepieces gracing our benches.

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