Wrist Check: OMEGA Speedmaster Professional

When asked how to start a wardrobe, my response is always the same: begin with the classic style basics. The same thing applies to purchasing watches, regardless of if you’re a collector or a one-time buyer. Few watches in the world are more classic than the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. OMEGA has released many variations of the Speedmaster over the years. However, only this version has been to the moon and has the NASA flight certification. 


With a 42mm case and thickness of 14mm, the watch sits surprisingly flat on my 6.75” wrist. The curvature of the lugs helps the watch sit snugly, tucking easily under dress-shirt cuffs. The brushed stainless steel bracelet is nicely accented with small polished “mini-links,” giving the watch a slightly more three-dimensional feel. The contrast of brushed to polished surfaces is similarly executed on the case. This version doesn’t feature a display-back case. However, under the surface the watch beats OMEGA’s Calibre 1861 hand-wound mechanical movement. It contains eighteen jewels and has a 48-hour power reserve when fully wound. The subdued matte black dial, similarly matte-textured white hands, and stainless-steel case lend themselves to just about any outfit. 


For the lucky winner of this watch, it’s also worth noting that even though the model only has 50 meters of water-resistance, it can be thrown on a nato or rubber strap to give it a more sporty feeling. In a similar fashion, you can throw it on a leather strap for the fall/winter months. It can be an equally fantastic looking watch for casual occasions. 

How to Style 

Throughout my time with the Speedmaster on the wrist, I felt a sense of adventure. It didn’t matter if I was wearing it to the office, dressing up in a suit, or sporting jeans and a tee shirt – I had the watch that went to the moon on my wrist. The iconic styling cues of the model lend it to being very versatile no matter the outfit. The same watch that paired with Buzz Aldrin’s space suit goes just as well with the modern gentleman’s formal ensemble. I particularly enjoyed pairing it with a light jacket, chinos, and my favorite pair of sneakers. It helped create the perfect weekend look for trips to the coffee shop. In this scenario, I felt the watch helped to elevate an otherwise fairly typical outfit. The bracelet also added to the overall sporty/smart-casual look.

When heading out for the evening, the watch transitions nicely into settings that are more formal. A certain iconic, martini-loving, British spy may have worn a Seamaster in the majority of his films. However, this OMEGA makes you feel just as mysterious and capable of drifting Aston Martins. The monochromatic coloring of the watch makes it a blank canvas. You can easily pair it with your favorite suit or plaid blazer when heading out for dinner.


Closing Thoughts

Whether you win this watch or not, it’s undeniable that the OMEGA Speedmaster has a home in every watch-lovers heart. A strong argument for this watch outside of style and function is collectability. You’ll most likely lose money when buying new from an Authorized Dealer. However, on the secondary market, you really can’t lose much money through long-term ownership. After taking the immediate hit in value when walking out of an AD (similar to that of driving a new BMW off the lot), the watch’s value stabilizes quickly. In a world where standard Rolex Submariners go for thousands of dollars over MSRP, the OMEGA Speedmaster, pre-owned, offers a lot of horological value, history, and style for half the price of many similar stainless steel sports watches. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned collector, adding a Speedy to the line-up is a style choice you won’t regret.

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