Why Should I Buy a Pre-Owned Watch Instead of a Brand New Watch?

When you set out to buy a new luxury watch, you typically head to your local watch boutique or trusted jeweler. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted like royalty. Perhaps you’re offered an ice-cold beverage, and you’re escorted from case to glimmering case of shiny and sparkling timepieces that are lit ever so perfectly to reflect their beauty. Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few likely contenders, you’re seated in a fine leather chair as you make your final decision on the next luxury watch of your dreams. Just as you’re admiring the new watch on your wrist in all its brand-new glory and perfection, the sales associate asks for your signature on the dotted line. You have now purchased a luxury timepiece at a luxury price that reflects the MSRP.

When you purchase a luxury timepiece from Crown & Caliber, you are buying a watch that is indistinguishable from the brand new luxury timepiece above. Once we purchase a timepiece, it is meticulously examined, serviced, cleaned, and restored to an immaculate condition by our certified in-house watchmaker. Before a watch leaves our facility, it is guaranteed to uphold COSC standards. In fact, when you purchase a timepiece from Crown & Caliber, it is accompanied by a record of service and housed in shrink-wrap fresh from our service center.

Take a look at these two Rolex Day-Date II watches. If you had to guess, which one would you say looks brand new and which one looks like a pre-owned watch?

Pre-owned vs new Rolex

The Rolex Day-Date II on the left is one of Crown & Caliber’s purchases and the Rolex Day-Date II on the right is a watch from the Official Rolex website. You can hardly tell the difference! If a pre-owned watch is taken good care of, then it can easily be mistaken for a brand new, never been worn watch. They are almost indistinguishable in appearance, but significantly different in price.

This begs the question, why buy pre-owned instead of new? When you purchase a new luxury timepiece from a boutique or jeweler, you are paying for the luxury experience. However, when you buy a luxury timepiece from Crown & Caliber, you’re paying a competitive pre-owned market price for an identical timepiece. While we may not be equipped with a brick and mortar storefront to treat our clients like royalty, we believe that our success relies on the satisfaction of our customers, and we seek to provide the most outstanding service.

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